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Music Review Wolfheart CD: Shadow World

By: Callum (CJ) Lavender
Label: Spinefarm Records
Available: 21st August 2015
So here we have another album that has a lot of great ideas, a lot of potential but also sounds very strange as well (at least to people who don’t listen to a wide span of death metal). It’s said that one of the members is a multi instrumentalist and I do have to give him props because in this record he demonstrates how good he is at it.

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WOLFHEART Winterborn (re-release)


By: Alex Phillips

Label: Spinefarm

Available: February 3

Official Websites:



Wolfheart’s debut, Winterborn, is a frost-ridden blast of melodic death metal, direct from—where else?—frost-ridden Finland. Founding member Tuomas Saukkonen recently disbanded his other projects to focus entirely on Wolfheart. I’d say this was a wise decision. The man is clearly dedicated to making quality music. (Or, as the press release states, “Freezing your balls off has never been this pleasant.”) Continue reading WOLFHEART Winterborn (re-release)