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Music Review: Wolf Hoffmann CD: Headbangers Symphony

Wolf Hoffmann - Headbangers Symphony - Artwork

BY: TJ Fowler

Available: July 1st, 2016

Label: Nuclear Blast

Official Websites:




To say Wolf Hoffmann has a classically influenced background to his guitar playing is like saying Donald Trump has bad hair.  In other words, IT’S PLAINLY OBVIOUS.  For anyone who is/was/ or will be a fan of ACCEPT you have heard or will hear the classical influence in Wolf’s playing.  In songs like ‘Bound to Fail’, ‘Metal Heart’ and many others you could always hear the classical sound in the guitar leads and hooks but since ACCEPT is a also a heavy metal band, you never got to hear Wolf’s pure classical skills with the guitar 100%. Continue reading Music Review: Wolf Hoffmann CD: Headbangers Symphony


ACCEPT’s Wolf Hoffmann Talks Acceptology; Video

The Dropping The Needle podcast is joined by Wolf Hoffmann of ACCEPT fame who talks about today’s news that the band are working on a documentary called Acceptology.

Dropping The Needle is the podcast where all music from all genres is discussed. New releases, classic albums, rediscovered music, signed and unsigned. No ass kissing, just two guys talking about music. Dropping The Needle is hosted Michael Brandvold from Michael Brandvold Marketing and Mitch Lafon, rock journalist. For more details visit DroppingTheNeedle.com.

Continue reading ACCEPT’s Wolf Hoffmann Talks Acceptology; Video