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Music Review: Midnight Album: Sweet Death and Ecstasy

midnight - 2017 MAIN

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Label: Hells Headbangers

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It seems Cleveland, Ohio has a very deep underground metal movement which is helped out by the locally based label Hells Headbangers.  While Hells Headbangers normally deals in a lot of extreme metal bands, I really admire the fact that they seem like a close knit group who are passionate about the metal genre.  While I am not typically an extreme metal fan the label does make efforts to include other bands of other genres that are either trying to get started or may be in danger of being lost to time.  As a result I sometimes find nice hidden gems among the promos I get sent to me from them. Continue reading Music Review: Midnight Album: Sweet Death and Ecstasy

Music Review: NUKE CD: NUKE

NUKE - web band


Available: July 22nd, 2016

Label: Hells Headbangers

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I really enjoy when I find bands that normally would stay hidden from view if not for the power of the internet and/or getting promos from labels who excel in trying to showcase underground bands.  Such is the case with NUKE, whose line-up consists of various members of the local Detroit metal and punk music scene.  The band describe their sound as a mixture of VERY early Running Wild, ACCEPT, splashes of Iron Maiden and various other bands with a good heavy dose of the ugliness of Detroit City.  This could be a recipe for a big belly flop of disaster but interestingly enough…it comes out as a glorious testament of raw, ugly and pure heavy metal from one of the most heavy metal cities left in America. Continue reading Music Review: NUKE CD: NUKE

Music Review: Baphomet’s Blood CD: In Satan We Trust

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I have to admit, I have a soft spot for bands that embrace the Satanic imagery and lyrical themes.  Yeah, a lot of them can be bad and a lot of them are not good.  Then again there are a lot of metal bands in general that are not good.  The thing about the metal bands that latch onto the occult themes and add in some traditional style metal playing, if they get that right they can come out with some pretty interesting stuff.  This is the case with Baphomet’s Blood and their new album ‘In Satan We Trust’.  Good old fashioned in your face speed/thrash metal with all kinds of with some retro occultism thrown in makes for a rough and tumble metal assault! Continue reading Music Review: Baphomet’s Blood CD: In Satan We Trust

Music Review: Black April CD: Rise and Rot


BY: TJ Fowler

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Label: Wyrmwood Records

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Most newer metal coming out of the States these days really leave a bad taste in my mouth or ears.  Much of it is very bland, over produced and boring.  To really find anything of worthwhile you really have to dig pretty deep for it and it isn’t something you are going to hear on a mass scale.  That isn’t to say there isn’t bands in the States that aren’t putting out quality material it is just most of it is not supported in any way by large distributers or labels like it is here in Europe. Continue reading Music Review: Black April CD: Rise and Rot

Music Review: Slayer CD: Repentless


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Label: Nuclear Blast

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I have always been a casual Slayer fan.  I was never the guy to carve Slayer into my arms or praise the glory of albums like ‘Hell Awaits’ or ‘Reign in Blood’.  There have been songs and albums from Slayer I liked and there have been others that I could have cared less about and never gave a second thought too.

The last Slayer album I purchased was ‘God Hates Us All’ and this was the time I really kind of lost track of Slayer.  I didn’t particularly care for that album and really up until that point the recent output from the band I had heard, I just was not finding interesting and so at that point I just let Slayer fall by the wayside and stopped caring Continue reading Music Review: Slayer CD: Repentless