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CONCERT REVIEW: Vans Warped Tour 2016; Nashville, Tennessee

Photos and report by: Melody Ryan
It was a bright, sunny day in Nashville, TN, early July, not a cloud in the sky… On this occasion last year, it rained all day, and the fairgrounds became a giant mud party in the name of Warped Tour. This year, the sun was unforgiving, and I spent at least a week afterwards peeling off several layers of burnt skin.
I never know quite what to expect with Warped Tour. Every year has its own vibe and is an entirely new experience from years prior. The 2016 lineup is definitely an interesting one, featuring several late 90’s and early 00’s punk and ska bands such as New Found Glory, Less Than Jake, Sum 41, and Reel Big Fish. It felt like I was having a strange flashback seeing these bands on stage after all these years. What have they been doing all this time… have they all really been continuously playing music this whole time that I forgot about them as I graduated high school.. graduated college… moved to Nashville… started my career…? Because.. I totally forgot about all of these guys. Actually, I do have a Spotify playlist that highlights music from my high school years, and I still sing New Found Glory’s “Sincerely Me” and “Better Off Dead” as loud as I can in my car once in a while. However, they did fall off my radar and have apparently released five more albums since I shifted from my punk phase to my metal phase….

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Festival Review: Vans Warped Tour; Nashville, Tennessee 2015

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BY: Melody Ryan

It has been six years since I have attended Warped Tour, and I wasn’t sure that I would ever go back; however, Warped Tour made it to Nashville this year, and I just couldn’t resist.  I’ll be honest and say I was a tad disappointed by the lineup at first as I scanned the names and didn’t see most of my favorite metal and hardcore bands that I had hoped would be playing. It seems that Warped Tour has been broadening its horizons and bringing in more genres of music besides the traditional punk rock and metal, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I have quite the sweet tooth for metal and definitely could have used more. Continue reading Festival Review: Vans Warped Tour; Nashville, Tennessee 2015