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Movie Review: Cockneys vs. Zombies

               By: TJ Fowler

If you’re like me you have always wondered what it would be like to see wanna be bank robbers from East End London take on zombies raised from a construction site then look no further!  Also, as I bonus I also got to witness who would win in a foot race between a geriatric with a walker and a slow moving zombie. It’s a much closer contest than what you would think.  Much like the Super Bowls the New England Patriots won during their Spygate era…as in I’m not so sure the end results I witnessed are accurate, as opposed to other zombie movies and their accuracy to real life zombie events.  Anyway, I ramble…read on! Continue reading Movie Review: Cockneys vs. Zombies

Some Composite photos I have done.

I like to do composite/theme style photos when able.  I really like the fantasy and horror genre so if i get opportunities to do these shots i like to do so.  Even though I’m not an expert at them.