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Interview: Aftermoon

Aftermoon interview, metal band from Ukraine.


Hello to you all. Introduce yourself and when have you founded as a band.
Ivan: Good aftermoon! Let`s start with a very beginning and introduce to the readers all of us: Valeri Laitinen – voice and lyrics, Ivan Popov – keyboards and piano or, as we use to call him, the Lord of the Keys, our Guitar hero – Roma Kovalenko, Dima Loboda stands for Drum Machine, and our grumpy bass is Serg Ryabcev.
Valeri: As it often happens, at first AFTERMOON was Ivan`s project (keyboardist) and it was completely another band with another music, another musicians, actually that band even had another title. But then I came and ruined everything 🙂 There were some changes during the years, musicians came and went, but finally  we found each other and these guys definitely rock!  I`m really happy to work with them.
Ivan: Our journey began in 2012 on April Fool’s day (a flying start, we guess), it was our first show, our debut as AFTERMOON. Since that day we played a lot of concerts and now we do our best to play more and more.

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Aftermoon signed a deal with WormHoleDeath records

Aftermoon (Ukraine) have signed a deal with WHD records for the worldwide release of their debut album “Phase One”.


The band stated:
We`re so excited about some good news we have! For the past few months we have been working on the most important project in our musical career with our new partners, and for today we kept it a secret. But it`s time to share our joy! Sooo…AFTERMOON has singed with WormHoleDeath Records and our debut album, named “Phase One”, is going to be released soon! Some words about our label. You know how important for every musician and band “the first” things are: the first show, the first recording, the first album, the first label.  It`s the foundation on which the band`s future depends, so AFTERMOON has been looking for a reliable, trustworthy, rapidly growing label, that works with bands all over Europe. When we sent our promo to WormHoleDeath and received their positive feedback about our music, we realized that this label is just for us! Carlo, the founder of the label, assisted us throughout the long preparation process, his advices and recommendations helped us to prepare the set of all necessary things for the album release. We constantly stay in touch with him, so we quickly solve all the problems and get answers to all questions we have. Work is in full swing all the time, that`s why we had no doubt in choosing WormHoleDeath!”