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Tuska Festival 2016: Day 1 Report

Let’s Party like it’s 1999…or like it’s Lordi is playing

And so it begins, the Tuska Festival has begun and it all kicked off with…Cattle Decapitation.  And I will be the first to admit…I have no clue who these guys are BUT I did


Cattle Decapitation: Trying to head bang Decapitate

check them out as I wanted to get an idea about how the photography for the day might go.  So let’s say Cattle Decapitation was my guinea pig for the festival.  I will say this; CD is a pretty brutal band from what I could tell.  Very Death Metalish but I was able to at least understand what the guy was singing which is a bonus for the genre.  I will also give credit to the sound guys who were able to mix the sound so well that every musician is discernable and distinct for the listener.  So for me I was actually able to somewhat enjoy the band and they had a lot of energy on stage…and for an opening band they had a somewhat large turnout.  So a big thumbs up for the guys of CP. Continue reading Tuska Festival 2016: Day 1 Report