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CONCERT REVIEW: Helloween, Turku, Finland 2016


Report and photos: Samuli Keskitalo

Germany is a wonderful country for many reasons. And one of those main reasons are their strong roots on power- and heavy metal. Many classic bands, who are still running strongly, but also many new-comers every year. Helloween is one of those classic ones in this genre and for example their co-headlining tours with Gamma Ray has been a truly ”a dream come true” situation for many power metallers. Right now we have again that kind of lovely situation – a Helloween & Rage co-headlining tour. A three week lasting European tour, which contains two shows in Finland. I went to Turku to see one and when I hit the road back home I was happy like every other time after a Helloween concert. So  again, the show was strong and good. Continue reading CONCERT REVIEW: Helloween, Turku, Finland 2016

Concert review: Nightwish Cruise 9-10.6.2015

BY: Pekka Konttinen


Every Finn knows the infamous cruises to Tallinn or Stockholm. Lots of drunken people, crappy buffet food and even worse house bands performing evergreen tangos to the seniors. Luckily sometimes there’s a few good exceptions to the formula and these nights were one of those. In last September Nightwish announced that they will be doing two concerts on the cruise ship from Turku to Stockholm. Both nights were sold out really fast but luckily we got a cabin for the second night. Continue reading Concert review: Nightwish Cruise 9-10.6.2015

Hammer Open Air day 2 Report

Hammer Open Air 2013

Finland has a lot of metal festivals trough the year, but for many die-hard enthusiast Hammer Open Air is the only one worth showing up. Festival is organized by Kold Reso Kvlt and this is the fourth time the Hammer has been raised. For the second time place has been in Mannin navetta (Barn of Mann) which is in county of Lieto, location is 20 minutes away from Turku. From Turku to Hammer there where festival-busses going constantly which made life a lot easier for many festival goers. Hammer is restricted to adults only, which is why people can enjoy their beverages everywhere in the festival area. This of course leaves out the young audience but it makes it even more enjoyable for the crowd. Continue reading Hammer Open Air day 2 Report