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Interview Dissidio

Interview about the trio Rock band, Dissidio.


Salutations! Thank you for this interview, how have you been?

Introduce the band and when it was founded.
We are Michelangelo, Valentino and Francesco, and we think we probably play some rock -influenced stuff. We formed the band in 2013, and we’re still here.

Talk about ‘’Thisorientamento’’. And how this word can be translated?
”Thisorientamento’’ is our first album and this title meaning is controversial, because it means “orientation” and “disorientation” at the same time. The listener chooses one of this two paths.


Have you got nice reviews for this album?
Yes, the reviews are a lot and they’re mostly positive, so we’re really happy!

The album is also featuring other musicians. Who are those?
Yes, there’s the contribution of a musician called Lili Refrain, whom we highly respect as an artist . The piece “9” is hers and  she is the female voice in the song “Se si sa si sa, sai?” too. Moreover the guitars by Mors from Chaos Conspiracy and Alessandro Montos Montorieri and the voice of Daniela Mazza, a singer from Lamezia Terme are also present.

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