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WormHoleDeath sampler

As are also new bands signed into the italian label WormHoleDeath, check the link below and listen to sampler songs of each band: Norhod, Know Your Nemesis, Dark Oath, Excruciation, Stielas Storhett, The Way Of Purity, Mechanical God Creation, Mycelia, Cretura, Asa Noir, Right To The Void, Levania, Agharti, Other Eyes Wise, Rainover, Tearless, Atropas, Guardians Of Time, Ashes To Ashes, Tornado, Curse Of The Forgotten, Elegy Of Madness, Purple Nail, Eosphorus, Selfmachine, Crysalys.



Tornado: “Black President” album review

By Carla Morton

In 2011, the Finnish Thrash/Sleaze metal band, Tornado, released their debut album ‘’Amsterdamn Hellsinki’’ which received nice reviews. Later, things have changed within the band with a new line-up and this year Tornado released their second album entitled ‘’Black President’’ and signed with the Italian record label WormHoleDeath. Superstar Joey Severance is the only founding member remaining in the band, along with Tim Damion and Tommy Shred (guitar), Henry Steel (bass) and Niko McNasty (drums). It should be mentioned as well, ‘’Black President’’ was recorded with the drummer Jani Niemelä who had to leave the band due to some medical problems but he was soon replaced by Niko.

To start talking about ‘’Black President’’, all I have to say is that I like it as much as I like the first album. This band in my opinion has a very unique style, Superstar Joey Severance’s voice is special indeed, the main lyrical themes are focused on hatred and society and obviously this album transmits a message about the world we live in: how people and society are, with so much hate and so on.


The album begins with the song ‘’Black President’’ and ends with ‘’Ghetto Wasted’’.  I want to speak about the song ‘’David And Goliath’’, one of my favorite songs from this album, a song that conveys a message for all those who has nothing better to do than just mocking other people, the lyrics are powerful so they can ‘’kick your ass-if you mock, yes you are a loser!’’. The other songs are great too, nice solos, nice drum rthyms, good lyrical theme and both videos for the ‘’Black President’’ & ‘’David and Goliath’’ songs are well done, I have no negative things to say about this album or the band, which are one of my favorite bands.

I think fans of Thrash and Sleaze metal would like this band and their albums, even the new one, so they should at least try it!



Track list:

  1. Black President
  2. I, Individual
  3. 911 First Responder (FDNY)
  4. Flesh Crawling Nightmare
  5. T Minus 10
  6. David And Goliath
  7. World Pieces
  8. Under The Crimson Moon
  9. Stop The Madness (Part I and II)
  10. Ghetto Wasteland