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Interview Pokerface

Interview with DedMoroz (bass) and Doctor (drums) of Russian Thrash metal band, Pokerface.

pokerface_logoSalutations to you both, how things are going?
DedMoroz: Hi, Carla! Everything fine, thanks.
Doctor: Hi, all the best. Thank you!


You’re the bass player of the Russian Thrash metal band called Pokerface. When the band was formed?
DedMoroz: The band Pokerface was formed in Moscow in 2013 by our drummer Doctor and ex-leader Dietrich. I came to the band in Autumn 2014.

You have debuted last year with the album entitled ”Divide and Rule”. Where the recordings took place?
Doctor:  We were not interested in abroad producing – it’s a little bit expensive for DIY release, you know. So album was recorded and mastered in Navaho Studio (Moscow). It’s one of the best studios in Russia. Many heavy bands prefer to have a deal with Navaho. There are talented and outstanding sound engineers in crew. Highly recommend for extreme music.

Were the reviews positive ones for this release? What is the album’s story?
DedMoroz: Yes, almost all reviews were positive. Many well-known magazines and webzines give us average 7,5/10 and sometimes – 9/10. It’s very pleasant to know that we could make the album on such high quality that was warmly met not only in Russia but in Europe in a whole. We started to write this album while we were on tour with Sepultura, but the first song (Killed by Me) was written at the and of 2014. Some songs we remade several times (Human Control, Age of Terrorism) while others were born on the first try (Existence, All is Lie). The title song Divide and Rule was written a few days before the general recording. So, after the Summer Hell Tour we went to the Navaho studio for recording and then mixing and mastering.

The cover art of the album might suggest something…
Doctor: Yeah. The cover is great. It’s real painting, you know? In colors, about 1×1 meter. Exciting picture! The artist, Svetlana Golikova, didn’t have experience in extreme music covers. But she did best. There is a bit sinister scene – Poker with deadmens. You can recognize each deadman, of course. Main meaning of painting – don’t be crazy in playing against the higher justice. Never mind who you are – dictator, terrorist or the richest person in World. No matter.

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Chuck Billy & Bobby Blitz on the Full Metal Jackie Radio show this weekend!

Heavy metal fanatic and radio host Full Metal Jackie will have guests Chuck Billy from Testament and Bobby Blitz from Overkill on the show this weekend discussing their current tour.

Also, she will debut a new track from Lordi off their upcoming album, music from the Cro-Mags, new music from Killswitch Engage and Brand New Within the Ruins.

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