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Interview: The Juliet Massacre

Interview with Pelle, drummer of The Juliet Massacre, Death/Slam metal band.

By Carla Morton


Hi Pelle, how are you?
Hi guys, here’s Pelle, TJM drummer. I’m fine, thanks!

When was The Juliet Massacre Formed?
The band was born in 2006, initially as a quartet formed by me, antomega, luchino and our first guitarist Losk. In that period began to play the first deathcore band. but our idea was to mix death metal and metalcore to something more allegorical and fun, well seasoned with pig squeals, gutturals and choruses, all to make something original. Over the time we have matured more and more writing songs and under the sound side, but we will ever have a little “stupid” component in our tracks. Over the years we have had several line up changes, but we are still here and no ones is going to stop us!

You have released this year the second album under the name of ”Human Abuse”, tell me about it
“Human Abuse” has had a very slow writing process because we wanted to create something original and I think we did it. we haven’t placed limits and the fact is that each track is completely different from the others. This can be a good or a bad thing, I know, but we do not want to be labeled. This album is metal, stop ahahhahaha!  A big thanks goes to Julien from Benighted, Alessandro (sandrini) from Sawthis and Radim from Spasm for their special guest appearance. The lyrics are written by our singer Antomega and they talk about our selfdestruction, completely unanvoidable nowadays. Personally I take care of the instrumentals parts. I promise that in the next one we will talk about Satanism ahahahahahah of course I’m joking!!!

Any shows confirmed for this year?
Yes, but i can’t tell you more, we’re waiting to announce everything on our Facebook page.

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