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Interview: The Hourglass

Interview with Alma, the vocalist of the Romanian Symphonic metal band, The Hourglass.

By Carla Morton


Hi Alma, how are you?
Hello Carla and greetings to all who read this interview! I’m good, working on new stuff and preparing for the upcoming gigs. Autumn’s always the best season for both creative and organizational work!

When was The Hourglass formed?
Well, the plan to found this band was set somewhere during the fall of 2010 but it materialized only in 2011. Me and Bogdan (our drummer) phoned our guitarist from the previous project, and that’s how all has started. We self-released our demo, “Requiem”, on the last day of 2011 but we can say the band exists for real since our first live gig (April 2012). Then, we finally had a complete line-up (with the arrival of our bassist and keyboard player) and got to the “real deal”, a full band.

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