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Interview with The Unclean’s Bass Player Burns

My recent interview with Burns from The Unclean talking about the Ohio Music scene, Playing for music as opposed for a paycheck and other interesting topics.  Read more below! Continue reading Interview with The Unclean’s Bass Player Burns

Music review: The Unclean CD: The Eagle

Music review: The Unclean

CD: The Eagle

Label: Self-Released

Available: Now via online digital distributors


For anyone who has seen the Blues Brothers you will recall the scene where the band had to play in a bar behind chicken wire to be protected from thrown bottles and other dangerous projectiles.  Well with The Unclean that’s the type of band you have here.  Not a blues band but a band that you could easily see playing in a rough and tumble, no holds barred, dive bar.  The Unclean is also a rough and tumble, no holds barred, dirty rock band that can hold their own in such places.

‘The Eagle’ sports 9 tracks of dirty vocals and rough edged rock and roll that goes back to the time when bands had to tour for years in shit pits to finally get noticed and get a record deal.  The opening track, ‘On We Go’ is a fast paced rocker that cuts right to the point and really lets you enjoy that classic rock and roll feel the album displays through out.  ‘Live for Today’ vocal wise has a style of David Lee Roth when he sings in a slow and smooth way.

‘The Eagle’ contains songs that are very blue collar and for the working man that anyone wanting to drive around and enjoy some dirty rock and roll can and won’t be disappointed.  If I had to voice a negative point to the album it would be the later half of the album sports a lot slower tunes.  The songs themselves aren’t bad, I just wished we had a few more faster paced songs like the opening track.

Overall ,The Unlean’s sophomore album ‘The Eagle’ is nice punch in the gut to let you know rock and roll and metal music should stay dirty and mean.

It’s refreshing to see more and more bands going for that raw and rough sound again in an age where we see a lot of music being very overproduced and squeaky clean.  The world can be a dirty and rough place and The Unclean is here to show you that, but if you are on their side, they will help you get through the shit with their own brand of dirty rock and roll.

Rating: 3.25/5

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