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PHOTOS: Tankard; Metal Fest 2014


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PHOTOS: Tuska 2014 Day 2; Helsinki, Finland

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Video Review: Tuska 2014 Festival Review; Helsinki, Finland

I literally give a shit as I review the Tuska Festival of 2014 located in Helsinki, Finland.

This years festival included Emperor, Satyricon, Carcass, Powerwolf, Anthrax and many others.

So watch as a drop a deuce and the low down on the Tuska Festival


Music Review: Tankard CD: R.I.B.

Tankard - RIB - Artwork

by: TJ Fowler

Label: Nuclear Blast

Available: NOW

Official Websites:



I know drinking/boozing is a big part of the metal/rock genre.  I mean it has been there since the beginning and especially with metal bands.  Never have I seen before though a band that has taken it to the Nth degree and made a 30+ year career of it like the band Tankard have.  With songs like ‘Stay Thirsty’, ‘Shit-Faced’ and ‘666 Packs’ how can you really not like a band that sings about drinking so much and so fervently.  With that being said for some reason I just recently discovered this band from Frankfurt, Germany with their new album R.I.B. (Rest in Beer).  I know!  What the hell is wrong with me and have I been in a beer coma for all these years?! So let’s see if this tequila worm is worth swallowing shall we? Continue reading Music Review: Tankard CD: R.I.B.

Video Interview: Tankard Tuska 2014


I sit and talk with Gerre of the thrash metal band Tankard who just released their new album ‘R.I.B’ Rest in Beer. We discuss the bands musical career, their more serious songs and have a fun time all around.

Music: Heavier Than Metal by Skullfist used with permission all rights reserved.