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Interview: Ida Elena

Ida Elena is a celtic/rock/metal singer from Italy. She have released a few solo projects, the latest one is ‘’Native Spirit’’, she is also the vocalist of the Greek metal band Bare Infinity which the band will release a new album soon this year. Below you can read an interview I had with Ida about her solo albums, the other music contributions she had and other stuffs regarding her.

Hello Ida, nice talking with you! How things are going? 
Hi Carla! Happy to talk to you! So far so good, thank you!


Before speaking about your solo albums and the band that you are in, I’d like to tell me when your passion for music arose.
My passion for music was born the day I was born, probably, but it only showed up when at 19, with 8 year acting school on my back, I was invited to sing at the Italian TV, Raiuno. Love at first sight! Since then I cannot live without the thrill I have on stage: it’s basically my life.

Last ear you have released an EP, a solo project, under the name of ”Native Spirit”, what can you tell me about the theme of it and what response have you gotten from it from the fans and media?
Well, ’Native Spirit’ represents the bond with your roots and the return to the simple things in life such as enjoying the woods, the wild nature and feeling your spirit animal in you. All of my songs have a very deep bond to the natural elements. The response was incredible considering my label Maquette Records already reprinted the copies! The fans liked it very much, according to what the write on my fb page and they help me a lot sharing pictures or personal thoughts about their favourite songs. A large number of websites, including Mister Folk and Femme Metal made a review of Native Spirit and the ratings are way better than I thought. I could say I’m satisfied but I will never be!

To not be wrong, you have another solo album, right?
Correct, I produced and arranged my first solo album “My World Musicusic” which was completely acoustic, together with my friend and guitarist Gabriele Brisinello. Maybe one day I’ll work on a more “rock” arrangement.


You have collaborated and released an album with Cantus Lunaris aswell and you have been active this band in the past, especially in Germany…
Yes I have and thanks to them I performed in a large number of prestigious venues such as the Wave gotik treffen in 2013 and Semper memento historia in 2014. We also recorded the album “Fabula antiqua” together and it was a great experience, but we parted way and I wish them well.

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INTERVIEW: David DeFeis of Virgin Steele

BY: TJ Fowler

Virgin Steele Official Facebook:



Skullbanger Media: First I want to say thank you David for the opportunity to allow me to ask some questions about Virgin Steele and yourself for my site Skullbanger Media. I want to first say I am a newcomer as a fan.  Years ago I heard your song Wings of Vengeance but never looked deeper until just recently.  After doing so I was really impressed with not only your songwriting and vocal range but the sincerity you put forth in your songs and performances.  It was really refreshing to see someone be as passionate as you are in doing something that I can tell you truly love.  Could you maybe go into a bit of your history with music, what inspires you and when you realized this was your passion? Continue reading INTERVIEW: David DeFeis of Virgin Steele

CONCERT REVIEW: Nightwish, Jämsä, Finland 20.8.2016 (in Finnish)

DSC_0460Valokuvat ja raportti: Samuli Keskitalo

Nightwish on ehtinyt kiertämään viimeisimmän levyn tiimoilta koko maapallon läpi jo pariinkin kertaan, ja Suomessakin keikkoja on nähty isojen puitteiden kera. Vuosi sitten kesällä Nightwish teki isot esiintymiset Tampereen Ratinan stadionilla ja lähellä kotiseutuaan Joensuun Laulurinteellä. Tänä kesänä, kuin myös koko vuotena, esiintymisiä Suomessa oli vain kaksi. Jämsässä koettu suurkonsertti laittoi hienosti pisteen Endless Forms Most Beautiful -levyn tiimoilta soitetuille Suomi-keikoille. Kyseessä oli samaan aikaan hienoin koskaan kokemani Nightwish-keikka, kuin myös koko kuluvan vuoden näyttävin spektaakkeli. Saapuessani Himos Parkkia ympäröiviin hienoihin järvi- ja metsämaisemiin illan avasi noin 20 minuuttia kestänyt ukkosmyrsky, joka ei onneksi kerennyt tuhoja saada aikaiseksi.
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Daedric Tales released new single


Austrian Symphonic Power Metal band Daedric Tales  released their new single “Sleepers Awake”. The female fronted band made their brand new song available for free download and released lyric video on their YouTube-channel.


At the same time Daedric Tales started a crowdfunding campaign to fund the mixing and mastering of their new upcoming EP “Cult Of Ashes” and their first full length album “The Divine Menace”.