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Aktaion new album release date & cover artwork revealed

Swedish death metal band Aktaion will release the second album entitled ”The Parade Of Nature” on 29th of July.
The album is featuring Christopher Amott (ex-Arch Enemy, Armaggedon) and Joey Concepcion (Armageddon).


1. As the Hope Collapses
2. Candid Flow of the Shrapnel Dust
3. Seven
4. Walrus March
5. The Parade of Nature (feat. Christopher Amott)
6. Stones into Sand (feat. Joey Concepcion)
7. Death Coloured Gold (feat. Christopher Amott)
8. Gold Coloured Dreams
9. For All the Things
10. The Silent Song (feat. Christopher Amott & John Anderberg)
11. Silence


Interview Taiwaz

Interview about Taiwaz, Swedish Heavy metal band.

By Carla Morton


Hej Urban, how have you been up to?
Hi Carla pretty hectic.We did our last gig for 2015 at Brother Tuck in Stockholm last week.Now are we writing of some new material and hopefully get in the studio early in 2016.

A few words to say about Taiwaz’s foundation.
Taiwaz started in the middle of the 80`s played until ’91 then we took a little break and start again 2012.

You have released the debut album under the name of ”I am All”, tell me about it.
Early this year we released our debut album ’I AM ALL’ at Electricassaultrecords. It’s a vinyl with 4 new songs at the A side and 4 old demos from the 80´s at the B side.

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Interview Alfahanne

Interview with Fredrik Sööberg, guitar player of Alfahanne.

By Carla Morton


Hej Fredrik, how are you?
Hi. Fine and thank you for the interview!

When was Alfahanne born?
The band first started out in 2010 so we have been around for a while now.

You have released the second album entitled ”Blod Eld Alfa” this year. Tell me about it.
Our new album is a natural follow up to our first album. It is a bit darker and more compact. As on our first album we have a handful of guest vocalists contributing. Very happy of course with the album.


Have you got nice reviews for the album?
Yes we have as was the case with our first album. This is really nice and we are happy about that.

Tell me a few words also about your debut album, ”Alfapokalyps”.
It is, as in question 2, hard to say anything concrete when not specified, but well it is our first album. Very raw and with live feeling I think. As on “Blod Eld Alfa” there is a couple of nice guests.

Who mainly writes the music in the band and what are the lyrical themes do you focus on?
We write all music together as a band. We are like a core of energy generating our music. Pehr writes almost all lyrics. Alfahanne is a way to express our feelings towards the human stupidity and wrecking of this world. We are like a mirror of what is going on around us and most often we are surprised that so few can see it. Everything Alfahanne is about a concept in itself…Fuck the world. That is what we are communicating. And I guess that is an Alfapokalyptic philosophy.

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