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Interview: Svartsinn

Interview with Jan Roger Pettersen about the Dark Ambient project, Svartsinn.

By Carla Morton


Hello Jan, how have you been?
Been good, thanks for asking.

Tell me when did Svartsinn was formed?
Svartsinn was officially formed in 1999.

The last release was in 2013, ”The Borrowed World”. Tell me about it.
That’s correct. It was an idea Hćrleif (of Northaunt) and I got after being approached by the nice gentlemenof the LOKI Foundation label when we both were playing the Phobos Festival in Germany. They offered us to release a splitvinyl and since both of us had just read and loved Cormac McCarthy’s book “The Road”, we decided to make music inspired by it. If you or your readers don’t know the book, I can quickly say that is a ficion novel set in an apocalyptic world where a father and his son journey’s the wasteland trying to survive and avoid lurking dangers. Very dark and gloomy, and very well written.

Also, tell me a few words about the other releases.
My 3 first albums are “Devouring Consciousness” (2002, Eibon Records). “Of Darkness And Re-Creation” (Cyclic Law, 2003), “Traces Of Nothingness” (Cyclic Law, 2005) who are all 3 highly personal albums, a sort of trilogy where I make music about some really difficult times in my life. Then there is “Elegies For The End” (Cyclic Law, 2009). Which is more an album where I have taken inspiration from certain events or incidents to make the 4 songs. Also, this was an anniversary album, so I had 9 artist friends remix some of my songs as a bonus. I have also contributed with songs to several compilations, too many to mention here.

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