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Concert Review: SABATON/ACCEPT ‘THE LAST TOUR’; Helsinki Ice hall; Helsinki, Finland

Report and Photos by: TJ Fowler

The Time Has Come

When the old meets new and ushers in a new era.  This is what the Sabaton/ACCEPT show at its core is.  ACCEPT is a well-established band in the metal genre with a  dedicated fan base that are always eager to see them and Sabaton is a band on the rise, looking to make the next big step in their career.  In this case, that step is becoming a headliner in European arenas.  That is right, not headliners for a day of a festival but arenas, for their own tours.  With ACCEPT coming along as Special Guests was a genius move for both bands.  For ACCEPT, it opens them up to younger fans who came for Sabaton and for Sabaton it brings in an established fan base from ACCEPT to add to their already large and growing fan base as well and help fill the arena.

The question is…did it pay off for both bands.  Hell yes it did. Continue reading Concert Review: SABATON/ACCEPT ‘THE LAST TOUR’; Helsinki Ice hall; Helsinki, Finland

Music Review: Wolf Hoffmann CD: Headbangers Symphony

Wolf Hoffmann - Headbangers Symphony - Artwork

BY: TJ Fowler

Available: July 1st, 2016

Label: Nuclear Blast

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To say Wolf Hoffmann has a classically influenced background to his guitar playing is like saying Donald Trump has bad hair.  In other words, IT’S PLAINLY OBVIOUS.  For anyone who is/was/ or will be a fan of ACCEPT you have heard or will hear the classical influence in Wolf’s playing.  In songs like ‘Bound to Fail’, ‘Metal Heart’ and many others you could always hear the classical sound in the guitar leads and hooks but since ACCEPT is a also a heavy metal band, you never got to hear Wolf’s pure classical skills with the guitar 100%. Continue reading Music Review: Wolf Hoffmann CD: Headbangers Symphony

Concert Report: Dirkschneider Vaasa,Finland 5.3.2016


Report and Photos by: Samuli Keskitalo

Certain situations are born usually when a frontman of a big classic band parts ways from his band. These kind of situations have been present in the history of heavy metal. Some can deal with it, some can’t. A similar situation has been in many cases of Accept and Udo Dirkschneider, the legendary germany vocalist, who was one of the strongest links in Accept. To me that is not a big deal anymore, because Accept has its own ways with a new vocalist and new line-up, and Udo has his great time and respect as a solo artist. But if you still want to hear a setlist full of Accept songs and classics sang by Udo, now is your time: Dirkschneider – Back To The Roots Tour, which contains a setlist just full of Accept stuff from the years 1980 – 1986. This tour is meant to be a farewell to Accept themed tour by Udo and in my opinion it was a good choice. After this tour there shouldn’t be any ”bring Udo back to Accept” requests. Continue reading Concert Report: Dirkschneider Vaasa,Finland 5.3.2016

Music Review: Baphomet’s Blood CD: In Satan We Trust

baphomets blood cover.jpg


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I have to admit, I have a soft spot for bands that embrace the Satanic imagery and lyrical themes.  Yeah, a lot of them can be bad and a lot of them are not good.  Then again there are a lot of metal bands in general that are not good.  The thing about the metal bands that latch onto the occult themes and add in some traditional style metal playing, if they get that right they can come out with some pretty interesting stuff.  This is the case with Baphomet’s Blood and their new album ‘In Satan We Trust’.  Good old fashioned in your face speed/thrash metal with all kinds of with some retro occultism thrown in makes for a rough and tumble metal assault! Continue reading Music Review: Baphomet’s Blood CD: In Satan We Trust