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Interview: Demised

Demised is a metal band from Spain, formed in the ’90. This year the band have debuted with their album A Warm Place To Stay, out via WormHoleDeath records. Here is an interview I had with Andres, mastermind of Demised, who have talked about the new album, also he have mentined why took so long as Demised to release a full-length and many others.

demised-coverHi Andres and thank you accepting my interview. Years ago you founded Demised, and you have released in 1999 with the EP Between the Ashes and the Silence, back then you were a death metal band, nowadays you have changed your style, being more ”soft” to say this way. Why have you decided to change the musical style?
Hi Carla, my pleasure! Yes the band was founded by Adrian and me when we were so young. We had two more independent releases as well as Between the Ashes; Panthalasa (1997) and Cold (2007). We love death metal but a change was needed, we felt like explore ourselves deeper and I think it was a good move.

This year you have debuted with your first album entitled as A Warm Place To Stay, what is the theme of this album and who mainly wrote the album?
I wrote the album. I pretty much like to write about the process between life and death and its connection with Nature, like a peaceful state when everything ends and we end up becoming part of it. Definitely A Warm Place to Stay is the most representative title for the whole concept.

What feedback have you gotten so far for the album?
Really good for the moment, even for old fans that we didn’t know how they would react, but is still soon to make conclusions. Right now the album is out in the US, september is time for Europe and october for Japan so let’s see how things turn out!

Why took you so long to release a full-lenght album?
On the one hand we were in no hurry to find the right way to go in this new phase, actually a new way of working was needed and it took a long time. We really enjoyed all that process, so interesting as musicians! On the other hand, Alex had a serious injury to his right arm, it seemed like he would no longer play guitar but fortunately he recovered from that.


You and the drummer, Adrian, are the oldest members of Demised and kept the band alive since 1996.
Definitely! We grew up together listening to rock and metal since the late 80’s being kids, we had a common goal and that’s what we’re doing, even stronger and stronger.

What about shows, any touring plans? Also, planning to release a video?
Of course, we have a great video to be released via Wormholedeath and The Orchard in september, can’t wait for it! About touring, we’re planning some dates for Spain but playing outside is being difficult, for the time being we don’t have any management agency and we’re not going mad about this until we find anything good, but that’s the next goal.

I want to ask you about the label that you have signed, WormHoleDeath records, how is it to be in their rooster?
It’s awesome to be part of this family and have the chance to have a worldwide release for the album, so hope to give them back the confidence they have given us.

How is the metal scene from the city you are coming, Murcia? Can you suggest other metal bands from there to the readers?
Believe me, we have an amazing scene here, both in metal and rock, and lot of gigs even though it’s not easy for promoters. I can seriously recommend The Holeum,Rainover and a new band called La Skala de Richter that sounds really awesome.

Is there anything else would you like to add about Demised?
I’d like to greet all the readers and express our gratitude for all who’s supporting  Demised, it really means a lot to us so thank you guys, this has just begun!

Thank you Andres for your answers! Rock on!
Thanks a lot to you Carla for the interview and all the efford you put into promoting bands! It’s been a pleasure talking to you. See you!


Interview: Pimea Metsa

Spanish folk/epic metal band Pimea Metsa have released a new album entitled as No Blood, No Glory, out via WormHoleDeath records. About the album and other stuffs related to the band, below you can read an interview I had with Miguel Moron (keys, accordion).


Welcome Miguel and thank you for the interview. How are you? Can you make a small intro about Pimeä Metsä?
Hi! Really busy these days but fine. Well, Pimeä Metsä is a heavy metal band coming from Madrid. Our musical style can be defined as Viking/folk metal, but we try to open our musical spectrum by adding elements from other styles like melodic death, epic, thrash, etc. The band was founded on a December 2006 winter’s night by David and me, but the current line‐up began to work together in 2008 and is formed by: Ángel Flores (vocals), David Chas (rhythm guitar), Hugo Pérez (lead guitar), Juanto Viana (bass), myself (keyboard and accordion) and Pablo Carmona (drums). Now we are presenting our second album: NO BLOOD, NO GLORY, which has been released last December 2016 via Wormhole Death Records / Aural Music.

Your band name is in Finnish. What does it mean and why did you choose as the band name to be in Finnish?
Pimeä Metsä means “Dark Forest” in Finnish. From the beginning, we decided to orient the band towards Viking/folk metal. I speak Finnish and we thought that a name in this language would fit perfectly with the musical style we wanted to play. Then, name had to be representative of the lyrical themes the band would use in their songs and not too difficult to pronounce, so Pimeä Metsä made the difference!

You mentioned about the new album ”No Blood, No Glory”, out with Worm HoleDeath records. Where did the recordings took place and how these went?
The album has been recorded, mixed and mastered at The Metal Factory Studios (Madrid) by Alex Cappa, who has worked with the most important heavy metal bands of Spain like Hamlet, Vita Imana, 037/Leo and many more. Alex rules! We have chosen him because we loved the sound of his previous works with other bands and I think the results on NO BLOOD, NO GLORY speak by themselves. The recording seasons went very, very well. Hard, serious and productive working, but full of jokes and anecdotes.

What is the theme of the album?
NO BLOOD, NO GLORY is not a conceptual album. Its thematic is mostly the same that we’ve been singing about from the very beginning: Viking mythology or foundations and epic battles or echoes in defense of nature, that nowadays men are wasting out, day by day.
We have also included lyrics about worldwide literature and historical events, like Beowulf (song “GRENDEL: THE CHANT OF BEOWULF PART I”) or William Wallace’s struggle for freedom (song “CRY FOR FREEDOM”). We try to write attractive lyrics that shows the values of loyalty, brotherhood, solidarity, courage and no fear about life or death from the Viking culture, lyrics that can teach something about these times, myths and costumes to our listeners and fans.

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Interview Kilmara

Interview Kilmara, melodic metal band from Spain.


Hello Daniel, how are you? Introduce the band and when was it formed?
Cheers Carla! Doing great thanks. Kilmara are: Javi Morillo on drums, Didac Pla on bass, John Portillo and Kike Torres on guitars, and myself (Daniel Ponce) on vocals. The band was formed in the early 2000’s first as Jadde and then changed name to Kilmara.

 You guys are preparing a new album?
That’s right, we are currently working with our brand new line up on the composition of our next album which we will try to record by the end of this year with our friend and producer Roland Grapow.

Latest release of yours is ”Love Songs And Other Nightmares”. Talk about it a few things.
It was released in 2014 via Sony Music, and for the band, it was their second chance recording in Slovakia at Grapow studios with Roland at the helm. Truly an incredible experience! Also it has meant the greatest sales success for the band and from it, came Kilmara’s first ever professional video clip from the song Cold Rain. And also many of the bands live hits are from that album. So a really important record for us indeed…

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