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CONCERT REVIEW: Nightwish, Jämsä, Finland 20.8.2016 (in Finnish)

DSC_0460Valokuvat ja raportti: Samuli Keskitalo

Nightwish on ehtinyt kiertämään viimeisimmän levyn tiimoilta koko maapallon läpi jo pariinkin kertaan, ja Suomessakin keikkoja on nähty isojen puitteiden kera. Vuosi sitten kesällä Nightwish teki isot esiintymiset Tampereen Ratinan stadionilla ja lähellä kotiseutuaan Joensuun Laulurinteellä. Tänä kesänä, kuin myös koko vuotena, esiintymisiä Suomessa oli vain kaksi. Jämsässä koettu suurkonsertti laittoi hienosti pisteen Endless Forms Most Beautiful -levyn tiimoilta soitetuille Suomi-keikoille. Kyseessä oli samaan aikaan hienoin koskaan kokemani Nightwish-keikka, kuin myös koko kuluvan vuoden näyttävin spektaakkeli. Saapuessani Himos Parkkia ympäröiviin hienoihin järvi- ja metsämaisemiin illan avasi noin 20 minuuttia kestänyt ukkosmyrsky, joka ei onneksi kerennyt tuhoja saada aikaiseksi.
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SODOM Reveals Artwork and Tracklisting for Epitome of Torture

Available May 7th in North America via Steamhammer/SPV
“The devil is in the detail,” as the old saying goes. Translated to SODOM vocalist/bassist Tom Angelripper’s sharp-tongued and highly critical powers of observation, you might also say: the worst perversions often hide behind seemingly harmless terms. What are we referring to? For example to “Katjuscha”, one of twelve hard-as-nails songs which SODOM present on their latest studio album, Epitome Of Torture. After all, SODOM’s ‘Katjuscha’ has little to do with the same-named folk song by Mikhail Isakovsky, but is about the Russian rocket launcher which has been responsible for death and destruction thousandfold. “The Katjuscha has been produced since World War II and is still used today,” the SODOM frontman explains. “It’s been responsible for the death of more people than Stalin’s organ. To name such a deadly weapon after a girl is as grotesque as giving the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima the code name ‘Little Boy’.” It’s obvious that the SODOM 2013 haven’t changed their scornful view of the world, presenting an album in Epitome Of Torture that is as uncompromising as ever in musical as well as lyrical terms. “Unfortunately there’s still plenty of inspiration for angry lyrics around,” says Angelripper.

The bitter thrash metal attack “Waterboarding”, which deals with torture methods, fits perfectly into this context. “It always surprises me how inventive – in the most negative sense of the word – people can be when it comes to torturing others,” states the vocalist, who recorded Epitome Of Torture together with guitarist Bernemann and new drummer Markus “Makka” Freiwald. “At the same time, Epitome Of Torture features not only typical SODOM numbers, like the title track, our new hit ‘S.O.D.O.M.’ and ‘Stigmatized’, the toughest SODOM number in ages, but also two or three recordings which are slightly more moderate and melodic than what people have come to expect from us,” Tom Angelripper points out. He is referring to songs such as “Cannibal”and “Tracing The Victim”, which allow guitarist Bernemann to present his impressive musical skills, as well as “Into The Skies Of War”, on which Angelripper allowed himself to be inspired by icons such as Motörhead and Tank: “Luckily, it’s impossible to hide my influences.”

Epitome Of Torture was produced by Waldemar Sorychta, whose expertise as a sound engineer and audio magician thoroughly benefitted SODOM’s 2010 release In War And Pieces. Tom Angelripper: “Waldemar is an exceptional producer, who always succeeds in evening out an artist´s weak spot and promoting his strengths. He doesn’t let you get away with anything; he knows all our weak spots. Which occasionally makes working at the studio a little demanding, but at the end of the day it’s all worthwhile, as the result shows.” The SODOM frontman describes the sound on Epitome Of Torture as “hard-as-nails and contemporary, without ignoring our tried-and-tested old-school attitude.”

The new album will be available worldwide through Steamhammer/SPV in four different formats: as a limited-edition DigiPak including two bonus tracks and a poster, in a regular jewel case, as a double gatefold colored vinyl with three bonus tracks and for download. The cover artwork featuring SODOM’s popular “Knarrenheinz” logo was developed by graphic designer Meran Karanitant, who has caused a stir with his work for Six Feet Under, Hatebreed and Dimmu Borgir, among others.

Release Dates are: Germany April 26th, Europe April 29th and US/Canada May 7th!


Limited Edition Digipak:
1. My Final Bullet 04:40
2. S.O.D.O.M. 03:46
3. Epitome Of Torture 03:31
4. Stigmatized 02:56
5. Cannibal 04:19
6. Shoot Today – Kill Tomorrow 04:01
7. Invocating The Demons 04:25
8. Katjuscha 03:43
9. Into The Skies Of War 03:51
10. Tracing The Victim 04:46
11. Waterboarding 05:06 (bonus track)
12. Splitting The Atom 04:28 (bonus track)

Jewel Case:
1. My Final Bullet 04:40
2. S.O.D.O.M. 03:46
3. Epitome Of Torture 03:31
4. Stigmatized 02:56
5. Cannibal 04:19
6. Shoot Today – Kill Tomorrow 04:01
7. Invocating The Demons 04:25
8. Katjuscha 03:43
9. Into The Skies Of War 03:51
10. Tracing The Victim 04:46

2LP (coloured vinyl):

LP 1

Side 1
1. My Final Bullet 04:40
2. S.O.D.O.M. 03:46
3. Epitome Of Torture 03:31

Side 2
1. Stigmatized 02:56
2. Cannibal 04:19
3. Shoot Today – Kill Tomorrow 04:01

LP 2

Side 1
1. Invocating The Demons 04:25
2. Katjuscha 03:43
3. Into The Skies Of War 03:51

Side 2
1. Tracing The Victim 04:46
2. Waterboarding 05:06 (bonus track)
3. Splitting The Atom 04:28 (bonus track)
4. Ace Of Spades 02:36 (bonus track)


AVANTASIA – Photos Of The Mystery Of Time Hardcover Book

On March 30th, the new AVANTASIA album, The Mystery Of Time, will hit stores as a regular CD, limited edition vinyl and limited edition hardcover book with a 28-pages booklet containing ten regular songs and two additional bonus tracks (‘The Cross And You’, ‘Death Is Just A Feeling’). Check out photos of the limited edition hardcover book below:

The cover artwork for The Mystery Of Time, hand-painted by world famous British fantasy painter Rodney Matthews, and the tracklisting can be seen below:

‘The Watchmakers’ Dream’
‘Black Orchid’
‘Where Clock Hands Freeze’
‘Savior In The Clockwork’
‘Invoke The Machine’
‘What’s Left Of Me’
‘Dweller In A Dream’
‘The Great Mystery’
‘The Cross And You’ *
‘Death Is Just A Feeling’ *

* bonus tracks on limited edition hardcover book

The Mystery Of Time features a plethora of guest stars including: Biff Byford (SAXON), Michael Kiske (UNISONIC, ex-HELLOWEEN), Joe Lynn Turner (ex-RAINBOW, DEEP PURPLE), Eric Martin (MR. BIG), Ronnie Atkins (PRETTY MAIDS), Bruce Kulick (ex-KISS), Arjen Lucassen (AYREON), Russell Gilbrook (URIAH HEEP), Bob Catley (MAGNUM) and more.

In April, Avantasia will set off on their European leg of the Mystery World Tour and joining the band on tour will be Magnum’s Bob Catley and HEAVENS GATE’s Thomas Rettke and Mr. Big’s Eric Martin. Avantasia’s complete live itinerary can be viewed at this location.

The Return Of QUEENSRŸCHE – Photo/Video Gallery Available

QUEENSRŸCHE – featuring new vocalist Todd La Torre (in place of original singer Geoff Tate) – have issued a video clip entitled The Return Of Queensrÿche. It is essentially a photo/video gallery documenting the band’s activities since La Torre came on board in June 2012. Check it out below:

The news came as a shock to some while others shruggged it off saying “It’s about time..,” but BW&BK was informed directly on February 7th that after approximately three years as the frontman for Florida-based progressive metal band CRIMSON GLORY, vocalist Todd La Torre had officially resigned.

La Torre was introduced to Crimson Glory by Matt La Porte (JON OLIVA’S PAIN / CIRCLE II CIRCLE), becoming an official member in 2010. He helped to ignite and give new life to the legendary band that had been on hiatus for nearly ten years, and mourning the loss of original vocalist Midnight. Crimson Glory emerged back into the world arena metal scene with very high praise and acceptance. La Torre toured as the new voice of Crimson Glory throughout Europe in celebration of the band’s 25th Anniversary with great success. Talk of a new album was highly anticipated and the band appeared to be firing on all cylinders.

“We were writing the new album and things were looking good, says La Torre. “We had interest from two major European labels, which was very promising. I was very honored and proud that we were on the rise, and the fans were embracing all that we were doing. We had wonderful momentum and we were working within an important window of time within which the new record should have been recorded and released to have the most impact given the bands resurgence. Unfortunately, the record never materialized despite my best efforts.”

“My involvement with Queensrÿche had nothing to do with the album progress,” he continues. “I haven’t been contacted to write with Crimson Glory for over six months. As a band, our writing sessions were slow, eventually becoming non-existent before I ever joined Queensrÿche. During the specific timeframe that I was in talks with Queensrÿche, members of CG were simultaneously occupied by other external and internal endeavors that apparently absorbed the time and/or will away from CG, which is not fallacious per se, but it proceeded in passivity. The main reason for my resignation from Crimson Glory is primarily due to its inertia status.”

“Crimson Glory was the catalyst that exposed me to the world as an undiscovered vocalist, and I am very thankful to them. Special thanks also to the amazing fans for their acceptance and support of not only Crimson Glory, but their continued support to me as an artist. Lastly, I sincerely wish my friends in Crimson Glory the absolute very best, both personally and professionally.”

For information and updates on La Torre and Queensrÿche, check out the following sites:

Official.ToddLaTorre – Facebook
QueensrycheOfficial – Facebook

Live photos provided by Todd La Torre