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Music Review: GWAR Album: The Blood of Gods


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Label: Metal Blade Records

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Ok, I am one of those guys who has always HEARD of GWAR and their notorious reputation…but I had never HEARD GWAR before.  I knew the stories of their live shows, the story of the band’s hilarious history and of course the passing of their lead singer Oderus Urungus.  There was even a kid at the volleyball camp I attended about 20 years ago who was a fan of the band.  But again, I never had listened to GWAR.  That is…until now…and well…all I can say is what an interesting experience.

On the surface musically, GWAR comes off as a straight ahead metal/hard rock band…all kills and no frills.  There isn’t anything flashy in how or what GWAR plays but they construct catchy, straight in your face metal songs.  Lyrically the songs seem to have some underlying political themes and bizarre humor…the humor part I get due to my passing knowledge of the band’s ridiculous bio and stage persona.   The political and social aspects of the bands lyrics I am not sure about as I am not sure if the band has ever delved too deeply into that territory before.  Regardless of the songs themes, most of the songs are all cool little tunes and fun to listen too.  Especially, Death to Dickie Duncan, Crushed by the Cross, If You Want Blood (You Got it).  Also the, what I think is a tribute to Oderus, touching and humorous Phantom Limb song.

Overall The Blood of Gods was a very welcome surprise for me. I had always dismissed GWAR as something at best, I would listen to LATER at worst toilet turds (Actually toilet turds they might consider a compliment).  As it turns out I waited WAY too long to give GWAR a chance…a chance they deserved a long time ago.  So I guess now you could say I am a fan of the band, now all I need to do is get an opportunity to see the band live.  I hear the best type of clothes to wear is nice, expensive white suit…right?

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Music Review: Lordi CD: Monstereophonic (Theaterror vs Demonarchy)


BY: Jussi Mikkonen

Available: Now

Label: AFM Records/Sony Music



Lordi’s eighth studio album has been released today and it’s awesome. Let me tell you why. Well first off it’s definitely different from the previous Lordi albums because it’s like a 2-in-1 package. The album is called Monstereophonic (Theaterror vs Demonarchy) so I’m going to review the so called a-side (Theaterror) first and after that I will give quick review about the b-side (Demonarchy)

So let’s start, shall we? Continue reading Music Review: Lordi CD: Monstereophonic (Theaterror vs Demonarchy)

CONCERT REVIEW: WASP; Seinäjoki, Finland October 7, 2015


by: Samuli Keskitalo

Photos by Samuli Keski Talo and Anneli Keski-Petäjä

W.A.S.P., the legenday hard rock band from Los Angeles, USA. On tour with a new album called Gotgatha and in Finland with four concerts. Heavy metal week is going on in Finland and nothing could be better… or could it? Yes, it could, let me say. The fact is W.A.S.P. released a new album, which was the first one in six years and that was the longest gap between W.A.S.P.-records. And the band launched a European tour and of course there were a few shows in Finland once again: W.A.S.P. has had concerts in Finland since 1985 and I think they will continue to do shows here until the band quits for good. Last show before this tour was in the summer in Lokalahti’s Karjarock Festival. Turku (Finnish town) is a second home to Doug Blair (because of the Turku Rock Academy School), so it’s not a big surprise that they have so many concerts here. But anyway, it’s very cool, that the band feels very comfortable here in Finland and in Seinäjoki many people came to see this band once again in the middle of the week. The crowd had fun, except I didn’t: maybe two words, which describes my feelings from the gig, would be ”boring” and ”routine”. Of course there were also good things from the evening, but unfortunately that wasn’t enough. Let’s see how I felt about this show. Continue reading CONCERT REVIEW: WASP; Seinäjoki, Finland October 7, 2015

W.A.S.P. Premiere New Song “Last Runaway”; Release Finnish Tour Dates