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Music Review: Omega Reign CD: Arise

Music Review: Omega Reign

CD: Arise

Label: Itchy Metal Entertainment

Available: NOW

by: TJ Fowler

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Omega Reign claims to be influenced by classic metal bands such as Iron Maiden, Savatage, Metallica, Dio among others and sport a traditional metal sound.  This usually adds up to be a great experience for me as I really love the old school metal sound and style.  I feel the older bands had a better ability to write songs built around the music and as the years went on in the metal genre you had it morph into either bands that had guitar virtuoso’s but poor songs lyrically or just bands that just couldn’t write songs at all but were signed by labels trying to cash in on a trend.  Now we have a trend of late of bands going back to a more blue collar sound and songwriting.  So how does Omega Reign match up?  Do they capture the essence of the greats or do they reach for the stars only to fall short? Continue reading Music Review: Omega Reign CD: Arise

JON OLIVA – New Solo Album To Be Released In June

JON OLIVA of SAVATAGE and JON OLIVA’S PAIN fame is gearing up for the release of his very first official solo album. The record will be released via AFM Records on June 5th.

Jon Oliva’s Pain drummer/producer Christopher Kinder recently checked in with the following update:

“The first (and probably last, ha-ha) Jon Oliva solo record is now complete. Oliva will be the first to admit that it took one hell of a challenge writing, performing 90% of all the tracks himself and vocals… he is exhausted for sure. It’s a very interesting and powerful offering. Diverse, emotional, and varying styles of writing and music everywhere. A truly great accomplishment for the mountain king indeed.

Special thanks to Tom Morris and everyone at Morrisound once again for a job well done.”

As previously reported, Oliva has assembled a collection of ideas from the past four-five years and recorded nearly all the instrument tracks and vocals himself and also playing drums on several tracks.

The Return Of QUEENSRŸCHE – Photo/Video Gallery Available

QUEENSRŸCHE – featuring new vocalist Todd La Torre (in place of original singer Geoff Tate) – have issued a video clip entitled The Return Of Queensrÿche. It is essentially a photo/video gallery documenting the band’s activities since La Torre came on board in June 2012. Check it out below:

The news came as a shock to some while others shruggged it off saying “It’s about time..,” but BW&BK was informed directly on February 7th that after approximately three years as the frontman for Florida-based progressive metal band CRIMSON GLORY, vocalist Todd La Torre had officially resigned.

La Torre was introduced to Crimson Glory by Matt La Porte (JON OLIVA’S PAIN / CIRCLE II CIRCLE), becoming an official member in 2010. He helped to ignite and give new life to the legendary band that had been on hiatus for nearly ten years, and mourning the loss of original vocalist Midnight. Crimson Glory emerged back into the world arena metal scene with very high praise and acceptance. La Torre toured as the new voice of Crimson Glory throughout Europe in celebration of the band’s 25th Anniversary with great success. Talk of a new album was highly anticipated and the band appeared to be firing on all cylinders.

“We were writing the new album and things were looking good, says La Torre. “We had interest from two major European labels, which was very promising. I was very honored and proud that we were on the rise, and the fans were embracing all that we were doing. We had wonderful momentum and we were working within an important window of time within which the new record should have been recorded and released to have the most impact given the bands resurgence. Unfortunately, the record never materialized despite my best efforts.”

“My involvement with Queensrÿche had nothing to do with the album progress,” he continues. “I haven’t been contacted to write with Crimson Glory for over six months. As a band, our writing sessions were slow, eventually becoming non-existent before I ever joined Queensrÿche. During the specific timeframe that I was in talks with Queensrÿche, members of CG were simultaneously occupied by other external and internal endeavors that apparently absorbed the time and/or will away from CG, which is not fallacious per se, but it proceeded in passivity. The main reason for my resignation from Crimson Glory is primarily due to its inertia status.”

“Crimson Glory was the catalyst that exposed me to the world as an undiscovered vocalist, and I am very thankful to them. Special thanks also to the amazing fans for their acceptance and support of not only Crimson Glory, but their continued support to me as an artist. Lastly, I sincerely wish my friends in Crimson Glory the absolute very best, both personally and professionally.”

For information and updates on La Torre and Queensrÿche, check out the following sites:

Official.ToddLaTorre – Facebook
QueensrycheOfficial – Facebook

Live photos provided by Todd La Torre