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Concert Review: SABATON/ACCEPT ‘THE LAST TOUR’; Helsinki Ice hall; Helsinki, Finland

Report and Photos by: TJ Fowler

The Time Has Come

When the old meets new and ushers in a new era.  This is what the Sabaton/ACCEPT show at its core is.  ACCEPT is a well-established band in the metal genre with a  dedicated fan base that are always eager to see them and Sabaton is a band on the rise, looking to make the next big step in their career.  In this case, that step is becoming a headliner in European arenas.  That is right, not headliners for a day of a festival but arenas, for their own tours.  With ACCEPT coming along as Special Guests was a genius move for both bands.  For ACCEPT, it opens them up to younger fans who came for Sabaton and for Sabaton it brings in an established fan base from ACCEPT to add to their already large and growing fan base as well and help fill the arena.

The question is…did it pay off for both bands.  Hell yes it did. Continue reading Concert Review: SABATON/ACCEPT ‘THE LAST TOUR’; Helsinki Ice hall; Helsinki, Finland

Music Review: Sabaton CD: The Last Stand

Sabaton - The Last Stand - Artwork

Available: Now

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

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Ah!  Sabaton!  The band that never lets me down!  For me, Sabaton is one of the modern era metal band heroes.  They write catchy songs, have a great live show, have a great relationship with their fans and are just FUN to both watch and listen to.  All of these things combined in today’s modern digital age, is important for a band to have.  Sabaton have successfully carved out a niche in the metal genre by focusing mostly on military history and with a charismatic singer like Joakim Broden relating the stories of those histories you have a recipe for great success. Continue reading Music Review: Sabaton CD: The Last Stand

Sabaton-first single from »The Last Stand« released; tracklist revealed; pre-order launched!

Swedish heavy metal heroes SABATON recently announced the release of their brand-new, 8th studio album, »The Last Stand« released August 19th via Nuclear Blast. Today, the band finally present the first single from the upcoming record to their eagerly-waiting fans – ‘The Lost Battalion’.

Watch the brand-new lyric video for the track here:

Get the digital single here: http://nblast.de/SabatonDownloads

The story behind the lyrics:
‘The Lost Battalion’ is the name given to nine companies of the United States’ 77th Divisionduring the battle of the Argonne in 1918. Even though these 550-575 brave men were completely surrounded by the German Army and subjected to friendly artillery fire, they kept on fighting for a week until they were relieved. Of the over 500-plus soldiers who entered theArgonne Forest, only 194 walked out unscathed. The rest were killed, missing, captured, or wounded. Continue reading Sabaton-first single from »The Last Stand« released; tracklist revealed; pre-order launched!

Sabaton Cruise: 2015


Report and Photos by:

Samuli Keskitalo


Welcome to Stockholm, Sweden. More precisely to Värtahamnen where Silja Line company’s M/S Galaxy ship is about to begin a trip between Stockholm – Turku – Stockholm. So it’s again time for another Sabaton Cruise on the Baltic Sea. Sixth time in the row, sixth time sold-out as well and this time in only about in 30 minutes. There have been many different bands, which have been making these kind of metal cruises and mini-festivals on the ship and Sabaton, like the other ones, have also had good success. For some people the Sabaton Cruise is a good chance to meet up with friends all over Europe, for some it’s a chance to see Sabaton in a little bit of a different location. I have seen Sabaton many times and on the Cruise as well, so I belong to that group, which meet up with friends, but of course I enjoy the bands as well. So get ready for boarding!
Continue reading Sabaton Cruise: 2015