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Sabaton Cruise: 2015


Report and Photos by:

Samuli Keskitalo


Welcome to Stockholm, Sweden. More precisely to Värtahamnen where Silja Line company’s M/S Galaxy ship is about to begin a trip between Stockholm – Turku – Stockholm. So it’s again time for another Sabaton Cruise on the Baltic Sea. Sixth time in the row, sixth time sold-out as well and this time in only about in 30 minutes. There have been many different bands, which have been making these kind of metal cruises and mini-festivals on the ship and Sabaton, like the other ones, have also had good success. For some people the Sabaton Cruise is a good chance to meet up with friends all over Europe, for some it’s a chance to see Sabaton in a little bit of a different location. I have seen Sabaton many times and on the Cruise as well, so I belong to that group, which meet up with friends, but of course I enjoy the bands as well. So get ready for boarding!
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