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Rock Fest 2017 in Barcelona is Heating Up!


Barcelona is commonly known for it’s great weather, beautiful countryside and culture.  It is now becoming known for one of the best metal festivals held in Europe.  Rock Fest 2017 will host some of the biggest acts in the hard rock and metal genres.  Aerosmith, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper and many more.  The three day festival starts June 30th and runs until July 2nd.  You can follow the link in this article to get your tickets now and also find out more information about the fest.  ROCK HARD, RIDE FREE!



Music Review Alestorm: No Grave But the Sea

ALESTORM - No Grave But the Sea

Alestorm No Grave But the Sea

BY: Alex Phillips

Napalm Records
Available 5/16/17

The first five times I listened to this album, I was sitting at my desk at work with a bud in my right ear but not my left because having both in is a safety hazard. I work as a graphic artist for a corporate printing company. On my monitor was the worst artwork ever, a pixilated low-resolution full color image of a cross superimposed over the world, the whole thing encircled by the words “The One True Life Church of Christ Our Savor.” I had already heard “No Grave But the Sea” and “Mexico,” and at that moment I had just decided to skip to what promised (by merit of its title) to be the most interesting track, “Fucked with an Anchor” (a title which evoked memories of that classic love song “Fucked with a Knife”), and my grim workday was made instantly sunnier by Christopher Bowles promising to track down and anchor-fuck the witch doctor who cursed him forever to spew four-letter words like a foulmouthed pirate. Continue reading Music Review Alestorm: No Grave But the Sea

Audio: Running Wild Interview; Rolf Kasparek 2016

I talk with Rock n Rolf of German Pirate Metal band Running wild about his latest album ‘Rapid Foray’. We discuss about getting inspiration from Native American History and Rolf’s keen interest in history itself. We also discuss a very important aspect of Running Wild hitting the festival circuit in the next year with several shows hopefully planned.


Music Review: NUKE CD: NUKE

NUKE - web band


Available: July 22nd, 2016

Label: Hells Headbangers

Official Websites:



I really enjoy when I find bands that normally would stay hidden from view if not for the power of the internet and/or getting promos from labels who excel in trying to showcase underground bands.  Such is the case with NUKE, whose line-up consists of various members of the local Detroit metal and punk music scene.  The band describe their sound as a mixture of VERY early Running Wild, ACCEPT, splashes of Iron Maiden and various other bands with a good heavy dose of the ugliness of Detroit City.  This could be a recipe for a big belly flop of disaster but interestingly enough…it comes out as a glorious testament of raw, ugly and pure heavy metal from one of the most heavy metal cities left in America. Continue reading Music Review: NUKE CD: NUKE

RUNNING WILD To Release Rapid Foray August 26th via SPV/Steamhammer


Good things come to those who wait: three years after the release of Resilient (2013), Running Wild have announced the title and release date of their latest album: Rapid Foray will be available from physical and digital retailers from August 26, 2016 as a box set, on Digipak CD, double vinyl LP and for digital download. The band’s mastermind Rolf Kasparek apologises for the long delay: “Due to my broken shoulder, I was totally or at least partly incapacitated for more than twelve months from spring 2014, something that repeatedly delayed work on the new material. After that I had to prepare intensively for our show in Wacken, which was also very time-consuming. Now I’m all the more pleased to be able to present an exceptionally strong new recording to all Running Wild fans.” Continue reading RUNNING WILD To Release Rapid Foray August 26th via SPV/Steamhammer