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Interview: Rome In Monochrome

Interview about Rome In Monochrone, a doom/dark metal band from Italy. Gianluca, the guitarist of the band, had the time to answer my interview.


Hi Gianluca, nice talking with you again. First time we had an interview about your first band Degenerhate, it looks like you are active in a second band aswell, Rome In Monochrome. When this band was formed?
Hi, my pleasure. RIM was born in 2013 as a solo project: I needed to explore a different approach to music, not so “straight and in your face”, you know. I had some sounds, had an instrumental piece and was trying to give them a form. I thought it would be cool to involve my friend Valerio (the vocalist at that time also guitarist) who was involved in To the End, Post Ghosts and Grn projects (slowcore, post metal, post rock in the same order) to have a different approach to songwriting, not so influenced by metal. He was glad to be in RIM and started to write lyrics and full songs. When we joined, we noticed that RIM had become a band, that we had a full repertoire and so recruited the other members.

You have debuted with ”Karma Anubis” last year, an EP. Tell me about it.
It’s a three songs EP available only in digital (we are looking for a label to release it physically, so contact us!), it’s psychedelic, dark, intimate and gentle but also cruel and hopeless. It’s a little universe and we love it.

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