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Interview: Burn The Ocean

Interview about Burn The Ocean, Italian Alternative/Hard Rock band.

By Carla Morton


Hello, how things are going?
Fabio: I’m finally fine!! Recording and releasing this album has been a hell of a ride for us, but finally we made it. Now it’s time to hit some stages and get on the road again. We are finally ready to go outside and promote our new creature!

When was Burn The Ocean formed?
Fabio: BTO was formed in 2014 as a result of my personal attempt to get back to life 2Novembre, the previous band of Emanuele, Davide and Valentina. The band was amazing, they used to play a powerful and very personal alternative rock. We are from the same hometown (Genova) and as a fan I tried to follow them because I really loved their style. They decided to quit their activity and that was simply unacceptable to me because they were an awesome trio, so I pushed the guys to change their name and start something new. To my surprise they accepted with the only condition of having me in the new band. Playing with them is something I really wanted to do because I spent more than 15 years playing exclusively metal and I really wanted to try something new and different… so here we are.

You have released this year the album under the name of “Come Clean”, tell me about it.
Fabio: ”Come Clean” is our first attempt to create something which really could reflect our musical identity. It’s the result of our first year of activity. The key to understand what we are trying to do here is considering that there are two distinct souls in this band : the first is the heritage from 2Novembre, which is currently 3/4 of the band and the second one is bringing in the game my experience in metal music, so it’s basically all about merging two different point of view into one solid reality. The album was produced by me in my Blackwave studio and that gave us the advantage to take our time to do it and experimenting a lot both sonically and in terms of songwriting. Come Clean was released on November 2 by Sliptrick Records.

 Do you have other releases?
Fabio: Not for Burn The Ocean, but if you want to truly understand where we come from, maybe you should take a listen to our previous bands which are 2Novembre, Nerve and Ritual Of Rebirth.

What are Burn The Ocean’s influences?
Emanuele: It’s hard to say it precisely, on our paths as artists we all came in contact with different bands and genres. For sure, the strongest influence that we share comes from the Northern American westcoast scenes, from Canada to Los Angeles, obviously passing through Seattle. Someone had his baptism with punk rock, someone else with heavy metal, but in the end we’ve all started loving the Pacific music, as it reached our ears. I think we’re all entangled in it, but we try to be very creative and fresh by playing whatever we like and not setting any limits or boundaries to it. That’s why you should not expect a particular genre from Come Clean, it’s simply something representing ourselves, our taste and musical identity in the most transparent way we could.

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Interview: Wolves Like Us

An interview with Espen, the guitarist of the Norwegian Dark rock band, Wolves Like Us.

By Carla Morton


Hej Espen, how things are going?
Hi, things are going fine

Tell me about Wolves Like Us, a little history when the band was formed.
Wolves Like Us started back in march 2010, when Jonas (drums) approached Lars (singer guitarist) about starting a band. The two of them worked at the same club at that time and liked each others previous bands. Me and Toy (bass) had been In a band with Lars for many years already, so they wanted us to join.

Let’s talk about releases, which is the debut album?
Our debut album, “Late Love”, was recorded in January 2011 and released in June the same year. It consist of 9 original songs + a cover of The Afghan Whigs My Enemy. Four songs of this album were recorded as demos from spring 2010 and that demo got us a record deal with Prosthetic Records. Videos, (find them on youtube) were made for “Deathless, Gone To Dust and Secret Handshake” songs.

“Black Soul Choir” was released last year, what can you tell about this also?
BSC was recorded in spring 2013 and came out in February 2014. It`s more sludgy, maybe a bit more heavy and epic than “Late Love”. That’s what we think at least. Videos were made for Ì Don’t Need To Be Forgiven and Three Poisons.

Who use to write the music in the band?
Lars write all the lyrics and melodies and we all contribute for the riffs and ideas for the songs.

Did you start writing new materials for a future release?
Yes, we are making demos as I answer these question. Behold 2016.

What about the band’s influences?
Well, we all grew up with indierock, punk and metal, so I guess all those genres inspires us. 80`s synthpop bands like Depeche Mode and Duran Duran has always been favorites. But to name a few bands: The Afghan Whigs, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Hot Water Music, Leatherface, Quicksand.

Any lyrical themes?
I guess you have to ask Lars that question. All I can say is that it`s quite dark.

What about concerts, are there any confirmed?
We just did a four date tour with Torche in Norway, but nothing more is confirmed at the moment.

What other plans o you have with Wolves Like Us?
We wanna tour the US and more of the eastern European countries.

What message do you have for the people who support the band?
Rock your socks off!! And support your local record dealer.

Takk Espen, all the best! Cheers!
Thank you!

Interview: Forever Still

Interview with Maja Shining about the Danish Rock band, Forever Still.

By Carla Morton


Hi Maja, how are you?
I’m great, thank you!

First, when was Forever Still formed?
I formed Forever Still with Mikkel Haastrup and we released our first EP “Breaking Free” in 2013.

Next year in January you might release the first full-lenght under the name of “Tied Down”.
Yes, “Tied Down” is our debut full length which will be released January 15. It’s a concept album consisting of three EP’s the first two being “Scars” and “Save Me”. The record tackles a lot of personal issues where the protagonist struggles through depression, anxiety, and worthlessness, through to perseverance and recovery.

Until the new album to be released, you have two EP’s out:”Breaking Free” and “Save Me”, tell me about them.
We have released 3 EP’s the first being “Breaking Free”, which stands alone. We put together three very different songs (as well as a live-acoustic track) to showcase the different aspects of the band. “Scars” and “Save Me” is part of the album trilogy. We wanted to be able to release music more frequently, and releasing EP’s allowed us just that. With this album in particular we also wanted to showcase the different stages of recovery you go through before you get better. “Scars” in the very dark beginning with a lot of anger and despair, where “Save Me” is more of a roller coaster ride from feeling better and back again to complete hopelessness. What part three will be like you’ll have to imagine for now!

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NoN- ”Sacra Massa” album review (By Carla Morton)

To make a little intro about the band, NoN is an Italian Rock Wave band and last year they have released the debut album under the name of Sacra Massa.
The album has 6 tracks, all the songs are in Italian and to start saying a few things about this album, only nice things I have to say.

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