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Interview Deathwood

Interview about Deathwood, Horror Punk rock band from Italy.


Greetings guys! How things are going?
G1: Hi guys! Things are going great! In the past few months we were quite busy with the band activity; we are working on the new videoclip, setting our tour dates, getting done our merchandising, and playing, of course!

You call yourself a Horror-Punk Rock band. What influences are behind all these?
The Butcher: Our influences come from the classic Misfits and calabrese, going through the punk of social distortion and the melodic hard-core of Bad Religion, ending in the rock’n’roll from 50’s. All of that get mixed with the extra ideas given to us from horror movies, myths and legends belonging to our land.

2014 was the year you have signed with the Italian label Overdub where you have also released ‘’…And If It Were True?’’. Talk about it.
Freak M: Our label “boss”, Marcello, got to us at first,suddenly, we could never thank him enough. He declared himself fascinated by our project and the job done so far. We found positively interesting be part of OverDub, a label involved with different genres.

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Interview Franceso Marras

Here is an interview I had with Francesco Marras (Screaming Shadows, Black Demons) about himself, the music projects is he involved and others.


Ciao Francesco, how have you been? As the readers to know about you, first tell me when have you debuted.
Hey you all! My name is Francesco Marras and I’m a guitarist, composer and session musician. I discovered metal music listening Iron Maiden’s album “Piece of mind” when i was 8 and I started to play guitar at the age of 11. I recorded my first work in 1998 with the band that after a couple of years change the name into Screaming Shadows.

At the moment, you are active in bands such as Screaming Shadows and Black Demons. When have you joined these bands?
I’m the Screaming Shadows founder member and the first time we used that name was in 2001, we realized 4 albums, the last one comes out in 2011. Black Demons are one of my studio projects born in 2009, we recorded a mini cd and a full lenght album entitled “Eternal return”. I’m involved in a lot of projects, my last one is a hard rock band named “Francesco Marras’ Stone Circles Project”, the whole album is listanable on you tube.

In 2012 you have released your debut solo album entitled ”Black Sheep”. Talk about this release.
I think it’s the dream of every lead guitar player to record an instrumental solo album, even if I see my self more like a guitarist of a band. I did not record it for my ego, but for the need to play different kind of music and express myself at 100%. I composed the songs between 2009 and 2011. In this album I had the great pleasure to play with one of my favourite drummers in the world, John Macaluso, on the song “Black sheep”.

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Lamori signs with WormHoleDeath records

Lamori, a Finnish Gothic metal band have signed a deal with the Italians from WormHoleDeath records.

The band statedLAMORI are excited to announce the signing with WORMHOLEDEATH for the release of the new album To Die Once Again. The band has been occupied with the album for this last year.It has been a fantastic experience to work with these guys. They are all super supportive and we had a great time doing this album.  We are all really thrilled about the release.
The signing with WORMHOLEDEATH has been a fantastic opportunity for the band. We have been around for some years now and put down a lot of hard work into this. To now get that push in the right direction, it really feels great. It lights a fire of enthusiasm in you.
This new album is a unifying mix of everything we love about music. It has a bit of everything in there, wrapped in a dark cloth – black as the night.

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Interview Dangerego

Interview with Flavio about his band Dangerego, an Italian hard rock band.

By Carla Morton

Hi Flavio, how things are going?
Oh, I’m fine. I would like to be more richer and famous but I’m satisfied.

When Dangerego was formed?
Dangerego was formed in 2005 but the current lineup has been playing together since 2012.

 You have released the second album ”Special Dreamer”, talk about it.
“Special Dreamer” is our second little baby in which all of our emotions and feelings converge. In comparison to the first album we tried to give a different set of sound through the insertion of acoustic guitar, new vocal lines and different ways of creating.


You have another release, the debut one under the name of ”Autopsy”, tell me something about it also.
“Autopsy” is our first album and like every first-born is very important for us because it was the starting line of this project called Dangerego. The sound seems to be more aggressive then “Special Dreamer” but also more incomplete.

What are the band’s influences?
I think we have many influences like Audioslave, Pearl Jam, Alter Bridge, Black Sabbath and more, but I think also we are characterized by a unique print, different from all.

Any lyrical themes? And who use to write the music in the band?
We use to write music all together. If I have a new riff I share it with the guys and we go on writing together. Otherwise I use to write the lyrics. Our lyrical themes are varied, ranging from suicide to the Stockholm syndrome, from lost loves to the social war. Joyful themes!

Are there any shows confirmed so you will promote the new release?
Oh, yes there are. Switzerland, France, obviously Italy and more. You can follow us on Facebook  or our web site www.dangerego.com.

What message do you have for the supporters?
Don’t stop your mind if you don’t want your mind stops you.

Thank you Flavio for your answers, cheers!
Thank you Carla!