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From Sky To Abyss released new album


Russian Modern Metal band “From Sky To Abyss” released there debut album “Last Impulse Of The Dying Sun”. The album was entirely produced and mixed in DRYGVA Studio and recorded by Mihail Lukashov.

1. Intro
2. Beast
3. Sunburst
4. Buried In Your Dream
5. Violent Reflection
6. Quantum Ocean
7. This Tragedy Is Only For The Hopeless
8. Dead by Leaves
9. Maora
10. Us
11. Last Impulse Of The Dying Sun


Music Review: Avantasia CD: Ghostlights

Avantasia - Ghostlights - Artwork


Available: Now

Label: Nuclear Blast

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You don’t see many rock opera spectacle these days.  In fact you never saw many of them to begin with but in this day and age they are basically extinct with the exception of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  Thanks to Tobias Sammet and his super group of guest musicians in the form of Avantasia we can always be assured we are going to get a healthy dose of Euro rock opera every few years.  Well the year of 2016 unleashes Avantasia’s ‘Ghostlights’ which has a whole slew of guest musicians from Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), Marco Hietala (Nightwish, Tarot), Michael Kiske (Helloween) to just name a few.  Continue reading Music Review: Avantasia CD: Ghostlights

VIDEO INTERVIEW: BLOCK BUSTER; Henry’s Pub; Kuopio, Finland

Hard rockers Block Buster sit and talk to me at Henry’s Pub in Kuopio, Finland briefly about their upcoming album and some exciting tour news. Follow the links under the video to find Block Buster on Facebook and watch their music videos!

Official Block Buster Facebook PAGE

Caught in the Crossfire VIDEO

To Hell and Back VIDEO

Ain’t On the Chain VIDEO 






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Ever wonder what the NSA would do if they were spying on your Skype calls and witnessing some crazy supernatural shit going down during your calls?  Well…not much, like most government entities they are worthless.  However in ‘Chatter’ we get to see some strange ghost mojo go down between David (Brady Smith) and his super hot, full figured wife Laura (Sarena Khan).  All the while they get some government sanctioned peeping tom looking in on their activities with ever growing concern.  Cue the pseudo- sex tape shenanigans and one pissed off ghost that can cyber hop between Skype calls.  One important question…where were all the boobies!    Continue reading MOVIE REVIEW: CHATTER

Concert Review: ACCEPT; Kuopio Rock Cock 2015; July 31

Stand Proud!
Stand Proud!



I have lived here in Finland for about three and a half years, being transplanted from Tennessee into a heavy metal wonderland.  In this span of time I have had great opportunities to cover bands I could only dream of back in my home state.  One of these great opportunities has been getting the chance of covering the legendary ACCEPT.  Continue reading Concert Review: ACCEPT; Kuopio Rock Cock 2015; July 31