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Music Review: Grave Digger CD: Return of the Reaper


Label: Napalm Records

Available: July 11th, 2014

Official Websites:




Grave Digger has been beating the metal drum for well over 30 years with a vast catalog of material spanning the decades.  While the line-up of the band has constantly been changing, the one constant has always been lead singer Chris Boltendahl’s leadership and gravel-esque vocals.  While Boltendahl and company on the past several albums ventured heavily into concepts and themes ‘Return of the Reaper’ marks a return of classic Grave Digger and a more straight forward approach to the music the band wants to deliver.  Will this return to a more classic approach be a new renaissance for Grave Digger or will they have to return to the graveyard and gather dust?  READ ON! Continue reading Music Review: Grave Digger CD: Return of the Reaper