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PHOTOS: Raskasta Joulua 2014; Kuopio, Finland

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Concert Review: Raskasta Joulua (Ragnarock Yuletide)


Dec. 13, 2014

Data Group Arena; Kuopio, Finland

“A Hard Rocking Finnish Christmas for an American Southern Boy”

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Tommi Salmela
Tommi Salmela

I have lived in Finland for almost three years now and it never ceases to amaze me how

much this country embraces their musical culture and also how the metal/hard rock genre is embraced by the population at large here and in Europe in general.  Coming from Tennessee and being a metal fan, metal wasn’t exactly the forefront of people’s playlists.  So it is refreshing to be able to have access to shows that I can relate to more here and have opportunities for unique shows I would never have had back in Tennessee. Continue reading Concert Review: Raskasta Joulua (Ragnarock Yuletide)