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Music Review: Primal Fear CD: Rulebreaker



Available: January 22nd, 2016

Label:  Frontiers Music srl

Official Websites:



Ok, I’ll admit it.  I never have purchased, collected or followed Primal Fear.  I would hear songs and think…man these guys rock or hear Ralf Scheepers sings and think, ‘MAN! This dude has got some massive vocals!’  But…for some strange reason, I never went out and picked up any Primal Fear.  I know, I know, I should be stripped of my man card and turned into the president of the Justin Bieber fan club for such an offense against metal.  I have to say after listening to ‘Rulebreaker’ I should totally be sentenced to 25 to life and community service for my neglect.  I think ‘Rulebreaker’ will rehabilitate me. Continue reading Music Review: Primal Fear CD: Rulebreaker