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Interview Deathwood

Interview about Deathwood, Horror Punk rock band from Italy.


Greetings guys! How things are going?
G1: Hi guys! Things are going great! In the past few months we were quite busy with the band activity; we are working on the new videoclip, setting our tour dates, getting done our merchandising, and playing, of course!

You call yourself a Horror-Punk Rock band. What influences are behind all these?
The Butcher: Our influences come from the classic Misfits and calabrese, going through the punk of social distortion and the melodic hard-core of Bad Religion, ending in the rock’n’roll from 50’s. All of that get mixed with the extra ideas given to us from horror movies, myths and legends belonging to our land.

2014 was the year you have signed with the Italian label Overdub where you have also released ‘’…And If It Were True?’’. Talk about it.
Freak M: Our label “boss”, Marcello, got to us at first,suddenly, we could never thank him enough. He declared himself fascinated by our project and the job done so far. We found positively interesting be part of OverDub, a label involved with different genres.

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Music Review: Toxic Holocaust CD: Chemistry of Consciousness


Label: Relapse Records

Available: October 29th, 2013

Official Websites:


Pre-Order here: http://bit.ly/ToxicHolocaust

iTunes: http://bit.ly/ToxicHolocaustiTunes


HOLY SHIT.  What can I say here about Toxic Holocaust?  When listening to ‘Chemistry of Consciousness’ I am filled with imagery that if the world was finally destroyed by nuclear fire and all the worse traits in mankind emerged as the ruling way of life and those said traits somehow were contained in some kind of a evil Pandora’s Box, Toxic Holocaust would be that box.  Displaying a barely controlled chaos and maliciousness that before was only held in check by a decaying social structure that has finally collapsed, ‘Chemistry of Consciousness’ represents what the new ruling order would be when anarchy and death finally arrives.  It’s ugly, it’s cruel, it’s barbaric and it will strip away your humanity. Continue reading Music Review: Toxic Holocaust CD: Chemistry of Consciousness

Music Review: Zamboni EP: Sucks! The Stupid EP

Music Review: Zamboni

EP: Sucks! The Stupid EP

Label: ?

Available: Now

SUCKS! The Stupid EP cover art


Well, what can one say when you receive an email from some guys in Jersey asking you to review their ep with the words “Sucks” and “Stupid” in the title?  You say fuck yes you’ll review it because if you’re lazy, like I am, the review has a good chance of already being written for you with a title like that.  Unfortunately, for a lazy bastard like me, it doesn’t quite suck…though there is a good dose of stupid, but in a fun way.

The opening audio track of a caller calling in to a DJ with the name “Harry Johnson” complaining about the crap band Zamboni really sets the tone for the 3 song ep.  To me it’s obvious the guys here like to have fun and really when it comes to music that’s what it’s about.

From what information I was given of the band, they are a thrash/crossover band.  Crossover to what…seems to me maybe into the punk realm a bit…due to the style of the vocals and production values.  The three songs on the album are World War Z, Slaughterhouse and a cover of D.R.I.’s ‘The Five Year Plan’.  The production value of the EP aside from the opening spoof track with the DJ and Caller are very indie sounding with questionable audio/production.  Which to me is forgivable since I am assuming we have a group of guys here getting started and it kind of goes with the punk sound/style they have.

Sucks! The Stupid EP is nice little diversion to listen to if you don’t mind the indie, do it yourself recording sound it has.  The one thing I will ding it on though is the vocals.  The singer I wished sounded a little more aggressive.  He kind of sounds almost like a New Wave Singer from the 80’s…but at least a punk band from the 80’s…but I would like to see him grow a little more into a more aggressive vocal style.  Don’t go Flock of Seagulls on us man.

Otherwise, I have to give props to the guys who seem to have fun at what they are doing and the Jerky Boy Humor they have and at least it’s good to know we have more than Snooki and The Situation coming out of Jersey these days.


Zamboni Official Facebook Page