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F.U.A inked deal with WormHoleDeath records

Dutch rock act, F.U.A, inked deal with Wormholedeath records, to release the new album, ”Socially Transmitted Disease”, out on 28 September 2018 via Wormholedeath / Aural Music Group / The Orchard worldwide and on 28 November 2018 via Disk Union Distribution in Japan.

The band stated: Hi we are F.U.A. As you probably know our debut album ”Socially Transmitted Disease” is about to be released via Wormholedeath. We have been working on it for almost three years. With ”Socially Transmitted Disease” we want to send a warning out into the world against the dangers of social media cause unfortunately a lot of people are addicted to their phones and computers. The digital drugs we use daily has taken our social lives in a stranglehold. We ourselves have fallen victim to the addicting digital world. So we decided to fight against it. The album containing 14 songs is a mixture between what we like to hear in music : raw powerful emotion and also a lot of fun! We hope that you all enjoy our music. We can’t wait to see you rock at one of our shows!



Interview: Fankaz

Fankaz is hardcore/post-punk band from Italy which have released their new album under the name of ‚’Seities’’. You can read below an interview I had with Ricky (vocals and guitar) about the new album, past releases also and other Fankaz plans.


Hi Ricky, how’s going? Before, as the readers to know, tell the little history when Fankaz was founded.
Hi Carla, I want to thank you for this little interview! Fankaz was founded in 2003 by me, Pole and Mora. We met at high school and since the beginning we wanted to play punk rock. Fankaz ia a word in dialect that means “do nothing” and for us it was the best word at that time. Elio joined to the band in 2009 after the recording of our first album “Slow Victims for Fast Predators”. Our second album “Burning Leaves of Empty Fawns” was recorded in 2013 and now our new album “SEITIES” is ready to burn the ears of the world.



You’ve released the third album entitled ”Seities”, out via WormHoleDeath records, but tell me when did you start to write this album?
”Seities’’ is a very instinctive album, we decided to write new stuff during 2015 and in march/april of 2016 we recorded all the songs at Titans Lab studios. It was really strange for us because we have always been very slow during the writing process but not this time. We put all the anger and frustration in this album and it was  a very liberating process. And to be precise the album is out via Too Loud records, my newborn label, Overdub Recordings and WormHoleDeath records.

What is the musical direction and the theme of the album?
It’s the most direct and concrete, introspective and personal. I put a lot of anger and aggressivness in these lyrics and I decided to use more screaming vocals this time because we wanted a more hardcore sound.  We wanted to talk about our life, our city, our friends and everything around us. A lot of personal stuffs.

Do you compare the sound of ”Seities’ to be different than the previous Fankaz releases?
Yes, because this is a modern hardcore album, but you can find a lot of similarities with the previous album. In particularly the guitar parts with a lot of open chords and technical stuff. There are a lot of scream and less melodic lyrics, but in the end this is a natural evolution of our sound.

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Interview: Exploding Head Syndrome

Interview about Exploding Head Syndrome, hardcore band from Norway.


Cheers Eirik, how are you? Make a short about the band, since when is it active?
Hi! I’m good, waiting for the album to finally drop out next week. The band started in 2010 in Oslo by me and Morten who are old friends. We had a complete band after a few months and played our first show in the fall of 2011.


You signed a deal with WormHoleDeath records to release your 3rd release under the name of ”World Crashes Down”. How the recordings went so far?
The recordings went well. We had done a pretty good job in pre-production, so we wouldn’t waste too much time in the studio. We recorded it over 3 weeks at MathLAb Studios in Montale- Italy. For the last week we rented a house with a pool and some of us brought our family and had a little vacation. We are very satisfied with the end product, we like the sound the producer, Jonny Mazzeo, who managed to create.


Tell me about ”World Crashes Down”: the sound, lyrical themes, cover artwork…?
The two previous releases have a more LO-Fi sound, and with ‚’World Crashes Down’’ we wanted to up the game and have a more  “punch in the face” type of sound. Our songs draw an inspiration from hardcore, punk and rock and we wanted a sound that combines these genres, We said to Jonny that we wanted a sound that was a mix between Comeback Kid’s Die Knowing and The Bronx. We think he nailed it.
Lyrically it’s basically about the same things our other releases are; about giving up or fighting on. Our bass player, Bjørnar, died last summer and that definitely played a part in the lyric writing process.
The artwork was made by a friend of ours, Therese Haaland, who also did the artwork for ‚’Disiples of Reason’’. We were supposed to go with a photo of the same motive, but ended up with this very cool drawing.

As mentioned, you have a 3rd release, there exist two others, what can you tell me about the previous ones?
Our first release was a self titled ’DIY’’ EP where the goal was to just get something out there. The sound is quite raw, and most of us had never recorded anything before but I think there are some good songs there. Our first full album, ‚’Disciples of Reason’’, was recorded at Observatoret studio in Oslo, Norway and released in 2013.

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