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According to THR, UNDERWORLD’s Kate Beckinsale is in negotiations to star in ELIZA GRAVES, a psychological thriller from Nu Image/Millennium. Brad Anderson (SESSION 9THE CALL) will direct the film which is loosely based on a short story of Edgar Allan Poe’s called “The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether” and will be adapted by Joseph Gangemi.

Beckinsale will play the lead character of Eliza, a Harvard Medical School grad who takes a job at an insane asylum, falling for one of the doctors but then discovering that the occupants have taken it over. Sounds like a pretty solid set-up for a horror film and with the gorgeous Kate Beckinsale as its leading lady I’d say this one is off to a pretty good start.

Shooting is expected to begin this June with Oren Peli (PARANORMAL ACTIVITY) serving as one of the producers.

Movie Review: The Awakening

Movie Review: The Awakening

Director: Nick Murphy

By: TJ Fowler

I recently saw some blurbs around the internet for the British movie called The Awakening and after reading its description I thought it sounded interesting and so I decided I would give it a view and see what was being woke up.

So what did I find with The Awakening?  I found what seemed like a ghost story, wrapped in a psychological analysis story of the main character ,which was also wrapped in a multi-layered story that seemed at times would sink the movie with its effort to be too intellectual.  Amazingly, the film is not sunk by all the twists and turns that it presents to the viewer and I even found that one story angle the movie presented later in the film was really interesting and didn’t see it coming in any form. Continue reading Movie Review: The Awakening