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International metallers RAVEN LORD have announced the addition of current POWER QUEST drummer RICH SMITH

International metallers RAVEN LORD have announced the addition of current POWER QUEST drummer RICH SMITH to the group’s ranks.

The chance to challenge himself in a different field with RAVEN LORD was an opportunity he did not want to miss. Rich will finish the two shows for POWER QUEST’s farewell tour by the end of May.

Commented Smith: “…I’m delighted to of been offered the throne to drum for RAVEN LORD. I can’t wait to get in the rehearsal room with these guys and hit the road to play some kick ass shows I’d like to thank all the guys in the band and the management for this opportunity…”

EX-drummer LARRY PATERSON on his leave:”…It is meant as no disrespect to any of you at all – and I wish great success for everybody. To cut a long story short, things are pretty tough right now as I have another band , a book and a documentary to make. All of this is running on a very tight schedule which WILL definitely get in the way of Raven Lord…”

Singer and bandleader CSABA ZVEKAN commented “I’m saddened to see Larry go from RAVEN LORD but if dates are clashing there is not much any of us can do. The good thing is me and LARRY PATERSON will continue working on another band project called EXORCISM which is expected to be released in 2014. Well, you know what they say ; the show must go on! And with Summer shows in the pipeline we had to act fast and find another drummer as a permanent solution. RICH SMITH is highly motivated to be the next Lord drummer and with POWER QUEST calling it the quits it was obvious that he was available for grabs. We took the opportunity and welcome RICH SMITH to RAVEN LORD.”

The complete RAVEN LORD lineup is:

Csaba Zvekan (Killing Machine) – Vocals
Joe Stump (Holy Hell, Reign of Terror) – Lead Guitar
Jamie Mallender (Tony Martin Band) – Bass
Rich Smith (Power Quest) – Drums
George Karafotis (Vermillion Days) – Guitar
Alessandro Duo (Voodoo Highway) – Keyboards

RAVEN LORD recently got confirmed for the R-MINE METALFEST 2013 in Tongeren, Belgium followed by some shows in the Netherlands and Spain. The summer show dates shape up as follows.

15. June Palma de Mallorca, SPAIN, T.B.A.
22. June R-MINE METALFEST 2013, Tongeren, BELGIUM
28. June P3, Purmerend, NETHERLANDS
29. June The Mix, Uithoorn, NETHERLANDS

more shows to be announced very soon.

Press Quote: “…Raven Lord and one of the best power metal albums in the last couple years…the power metal masterpiece that is ‘Descent to the Underworld‘ …” (Metal Delirium)

RAVEN LORD recently released their debut album, “Descent To The Underworld“ worldwide via Mausoleum Records. The CD was mixed by acclaimed Swedish producer Fredrik Nordström (AT THE GATES, ARCH ENEMY, NIGHTRAGE, IN FLAMES, DREAM EVIL, OPETH) and was mastered by U.S. mastering engineer Maor Appelbaum (SEPULTURA, HALFORD, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, ANGRA, DOKKEN). The cover artwork was created by Brazilian artist Caio Caldas of CadiesArt, who has previously worked with DORO, PAUL DI’ANNO, SEVEN KINGDOMS, DOMINANZ and VIOLET SUN among others.


Source: http://www.rockngrowl.com/raven-lord-announces-new-drummer

AVANTASIA To Be Joined On Tour By HEAVENS GATE Vocalist

On March 30th, the new AVANTASIA album, The Mystery Of Time, will hit stores. In April, Avantasia will set off on their European leg of the Mystery World Tour and another vocalist has been confirmed…

He hasn’t been on stage for years, but he has shown his abilities as one of Germany‘s finest vocalists in the backing choirs on countless album productions. Now he will hit the road with Avantasia. Many of you may remember the legendary German band HEAVENS GATE. No less a singer than Heavens Gate vocalist Thomas Rettke will join the flying opera on the road.

Avantasia’s complete live itinerary can be viewed at this location.

The cover artwork for The Mystery Of Time, hand-painted by world famous British fantasy painter Rodney Matthews, and the tracklisting can be seen below:

‘The Watchmakers’ Dream’
‘Black Orchid’
‘Where Clock Hands Freeze’
‘Savior In The Clockwork’
‘Invoke The Machine’
‘What’s Left Of Me’
‘Dweller In A Dream’
‘The Great Mystery’

The Mystery Of Time features a plethora of guest stars including: Biff Byford (SAXON), Michael Kiske (UNISONIC, ex-HELLOWEEN), Joe Lynn Turner (ex-RAINBOW, DEEP PURPLE), Eric Martin (MR. BIG), Ronnie Atkins (PRETTY MAIDS), Bruce Kulick (ex-KISS), Arjen Lucassen (AYREON), Russell Gilbrook (URIAH HEEP), Bob Catley (MAGNUM) and more.

German heavy rockers PUMP have announced the addition of vocalist Oliver Weers

German heavy rockers PUMP have announced the addition of vocalist Oliver Weers (OLIVER WEERS BAND, RIPE, D.I.M) to the group’s their ranks. “Tear Down The Walls“, a brand new song snippet with the new vocalist Oliver Weers can be viewed below: http://youtu.be/wu0m86ZG0O4

Commented PUMP bassit Michael Vetter: “We had many candidates for the vacant position, among them a number of really good musicians, and having to reject them really wasn’t easy. We want to thank all the applicants, thank you for your understanding and we wish you all lots of success in the future!

Guitarist Aki Reissmann has to say: “We are extremely excited to announce and welcome Oliver Weers into the band as vocalist. Oliver has really been a breath of fresh air for us, and in the first week of jamming with him we were able to finish the recording of the new album ‘Waiting For The Rapture‘ soon. Oliver’s voice add new dimensions to our sound. Thanks for always supporting PUMP, and keep your ears open for hot news in 2013

A photo of the new PUMP lineup can be seen below.

Pictured below (left to right): Marcel “Selly” Bernhardt – Guitars, Andreas Minich – Drums, Oliver Weers – Vocals, Axel “Aki” Reissmann – Guitars, Michael Vetter – Bass

DEF LEPPARD Guitarist: ‘The Fact Is That Most People Don’t Want An LP’

Robert Cavuoto of Guitar International recently conducted an interview with DEF LEPPARD guitarist Phil Collen. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Guitar International: I have to tell you when I think of Vegas residency, I think of Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. What made the band decide to do this residency?

Phil Collen: We have been playing many of the songs off “Hysteria” for 20-some-odd-years and always wanted to play it in its entirety. We’ve asked promoters and our management and they said it would be cool but it never happened. All of sudden the Vegas scene started to change, so when we got asked to do it. We said “absolutely.” It’s different from touring, because of the travel so take that part out of it. So it should be interesting.

Guitar International: There has to be a lot of personal advantages for the band to stay in one location and have the audience come to you. What’s the biggest advantage?

Phil Collen: I think the biggest thing is the travel aspect that we don’t have to deal with planes and transportation; it’s easy to get run down from that. The great thing about touring though is the audience. One day you can be in Kansas and it can be a very different audience than says the next night in Virginia Beach. This is brand new to us so we will just see how this works for us.

Guitar International: I image your audience will be a mix of diehards and people just visiting Vegas or who have received a complimentary ticket, how do you please everybody with your set list?

Phil Collen: We are going to do Hysteria as is, in order. We’re planning to do other songs say off “High ‘n’ Dry” where each night it could be completely different. We also are going to do some other songs based on what each band member wants to do. I’ll know more when we start rehearsing for it. A lot of stuff on “Hysteria” is really complicated to sing and play at the same time so it will be interesting.

Guitar International: Many of these songs were written when you were in a different place in your life and career, how has performing those songs changed for you over the years?

Phil Collen: We did a couple of re-records from “Hysteria” and play about seven songs live from it. When we did the re-records we sat down to listen to the guitar parts and vocal and said “Wow we’ve be doing this wrong”. We did it different for a concert so when we did the re-records we tried to make them sound exactly like the originals. By doing that you really notice some of the subtleties and riffs are not really what we thought they were. [laughs] It’s important, but you don’t want to kill yourself over it as some of the songs have eight different guitar parts, so you have to choose the most relevant ones. Same goes for vocals, being DEF LEPPARD we actually have another instrument that a lot of other bands don’t have which is the vocal arrangements. So we had to compensate for that as well and we do pretty well with it. It really comes down to is hard work and we want to be proud of all that hard work so that it’s easy when you get on tour.

Guitar International: Is there more pressure now when you put out a CD or back in the ’80s? It seems that anything you do will always be compared to those early albums?

Phil Collen: Yeah, but you try not to worry about stuff like that because it’s not really important. The industry has completely changed, and there are like only two record companies left. Also, the fact is that most people don’t want an LP. The truth is that they just want to download one or two of their favorite songs. I like LPs and all that stuff, but this is the new reality. The great thing you can actually write a song and don’t have to do an entire LP. Sometimes you can have songs on the LP that get watered down because you put more effort into other ones. I do like being able to release two or three songs with more substance to them.

Read the entire interview from Guitar International.

Van Halen: The Studio Albums 1978-1984 Available in March

VIA: Bravewords.com

VAN HALEN are one of the world’s most legendary rock bands, having sold over 75 million albums worldwide since their revolutionary debut in 1978. Driven by the guitarist widely regarded as second only to Hendrix, Van Halen have produced some of rock’s most unforgettable rock songs. Van Halen Store, in association with Warner Bros./Rhino, has announced that Van Halen: The Studio Albums 1978-1984 is due for release March 26th.

This Limited Edition six-CD boxset documents the band’s indelible history from their self-titled 1978 debut until the 1984 album, which was to be singer David Lee Roth’s last record with the band until 2012. Included in this box are many of the band’s best-known songs – ‘Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love’, ‘ Runnin’ With The Devil’, ‘Jump’, ‘Dance The Night Away’, ‘Unchained’, ‘Everybody Wants Some’, ‘Hot For Teacher’ and ‘Panama’.

The Studio Albums 1978-1984 is a no-frills package of VH’s incredible era with original vocalist David Lee Roth at the helm, remastered and neatly packaged in clamshell box. Featuring the now-immortal six-string styles of Eddie Van Halen, the devastating rhythm section of bassist Michael Anthony and drummer Alex Van Halen and the clean production of Ted Templeman, this box is a crash course in BIG ROCK.

If you’re looking for a gift for a new (or maybe even an old) Van Halen fan, this six disc box is the perfect way to own a slice of Halen history!

Pre-order yours now at VanHalenStore.com or Amazon below. This limited edition item won’t last.