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Music Review Alestorm: No Grave But the Sea

ALESTORM - No Grave But the Sea

Alestorm No Grave But the Sea

BY: Alex Phillips

Napalm Records
Available 5/16/17

The first five times I listened to this album, I was sitting at my desk at work with a bud in my right ear but not my left because having both in is a safety hazard. I work as a graphic artist for a corporate printing company. On my monitor was the worst artwork ever, a pixilated low-resolution full color image of a cross superimposed over the world, the whole thing encircled by the words “The One True Life Church of Christ Our Savor.” I had already heard “No Grave But the Sea” and “Mexico,” and at that moment I had just decided to skip to what promised (by merit of its title) to be the most interesting track, “Fucked with an Anchor” (a title which evoked memories of that classic love song “Fucked with a Knife”), and my grim workday was made instantly sunnier by Christopher Bowles promising to track down and anchor-fuck the witch doctor who cursed him forever to spew four-letter words like a foulmouthed pirate. Continue reading Music Review Alestorm: No Grave But the Sea

Audio: Running Wild Interview; Rolf Kasparek 2016

I talk with Rock n Rolf of German Pirate Metal band Running wild about his latest album ‘Rapid Foray’. We discuss about getting inspiration from Native American History and Rolf’s keen interest in history itself. We also discuss a very important aspect of Running Wild hitting the festival circuit in the next year with several shows hopefully planned.


Music Review: Running Wild CD: Rapid Foray

Available: August 26th, 2016

Label: SPV/Steamhammer

Official Websites:



Running Wild_Rapid Foray_1500x1500px


FINALLY!!!!!  FINALLY we get the Running Wild album we deserve!  After ‘Rogues en Vogue’, Rock n Rolf decided to hang up the musket and sword and retire his life of Piracy for other pursuits.  However, after several years he got the itch to sail the seas of Pirate Metal once again and released ‘Shadowmaker’ followed by ‘Resilient’  These two albums were OK but for comeback albums I still felt they weren’t really top Running Wild material or what the band is known for.  Granted, Running Wild has only been Rolf with fill in musicians, with Peter Jordan being the exception, back even before he decided to call it quits but even then those albums before the retirement still sounded like Running Wild.  The last two albums after the comeback didn’t seem to have the spirit of Running Wild in them. Continue reading Music Review: Running Wild CD: Rapid Foray

Music Review: Running Wild Album: Resilient

Running Wild -Resilient

Available: October 7th, 2013

Label: Steamhammer/Spv

Official Websites:



Running Wild!  A band I can claim are one of my top 5, if not top 3 favourite metal bands of all time.  Since I first listened to Black Hand Inn I was completely hooked with the bands ability to write songs that invoked such imagery in their lyrics, had great riffs and worked the pirate theme like no other.  After Black Hand Inn I made it a point to go out and grab whatever other albums I could possible find.  Keep in mind this was in the mid-90’s, in Tennessee, when I first discovered the band in college. If not for the internet emerging as vehicle to really bring heavy metal back into people’s consciousness I would have never discovered the band.  So from Black Hand Inn, to Pile of Skulls to Blazon Stone and all the other in between, after and before I was a hooked on Running Wild and so were my friend whom I introduced the band to.  I even tracked down a digital copy of their concert during the Death or Glory tour in Germany right before the Iron Curtain fell.  Continue reading Music Review: Running Wild Album: Resilient

RUNNING WILD – New album RESILIENT scheduled for release in October 2013

– Rock’n’Rolf announces first song titles!

Now things are really moving: while Captain Rock’n’Rolf Kasparek is working full throttle on the final details of his latest Running Wild album, Steamhammer/SPV have already announced the official release date: Resilient will be out on 4 October 2013 in Germany and on 7 October 2013 in the rest of Europe. The exact date of the US release will be revealed soon, but the album has definitely been scheduled for release in America this October. “I really love working at the moment and am currently getting down to business on the overdubs. I can hardly wait to present the new material to the many Running Wild fans worldwide,” says Rock’n’Rolf. Continue reading RUNNING WILD – New album RESILIENT scheduled for release in October 2013