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Interview: Aftermoon

Aftermoon interview, metal band from Ukraine.


Hello to you all. Introduce yourself and when have you founded as a band.
Ivan: Good aftermoon! Let`s start with a very beginning and introduce to the readers all of us: Valeri Laitinen – voice and lyrics, Ivan Popov – keyboards and piano or, as we use to call him, the Lord of the Keys, our Guitar hero – Roma Kovalenko, Dima Loboda stands for Drum Machine, and our grumpy bass is Serg Ryabcev.
Valeri: As it often happens, at first AFTERMOON was Ivan`s project (keyboardist) and it was completely another band with another music, another musicians, actually that band even had another title. But then I came and ruined everything 🙂 There were some changes during the years, musicians came and went, but finally  we found each other and these guys definitely rock!  I`m really happy to work with them.
Ivan: Our journey began in 2012 on April Fool’s day (a flying start, we guess), it was our first show, our debut as AFTERMOON. Since that day we played a lot of concerts and now we do our best to play more and more.

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”Phaze One” album of Aftermoon is out

Ukrainian modern metal band Aftermoon have released the debut album ”Phaze One” via WormHoleDeath records.


iTunes – http://apple.co/1Z2qu0K
Google Play – http://bit.ly/25nBz3O
Deezer – http://bit.ly/1WW47ge
7 Digital – http://bit.ly/1VjGBrH
Amazon – http://amzn.to/25jxJoP