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Music Review: Panzer CD: Send Them All to Hell

The German PANZER - Send Them All To Hell - Artwork

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Label: Nuclear Blast Records

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When I heard that Herman Frank and Stephan Schwarzmann of Accept were teaming up with Destruction frontman Schmier to form a heavy metal outfit called Panzer I was very interested to say the least.

After hearing a few of the tracks that were released online to promote the band I was left with some mixed feelings.  The music was ok but the vocals seemed like they didn’t fit with the songs very well  so at that point I was a little worried about what was going to be offered by our Teutonic friends.  Well, luckily ‘Send Them All to Hell’ is an album whose strength, and a few weaknesses, comes from the sum of all its parts and not just those few tracks we got to listen to on Youtube. Continue reading Music Review: Panzer CD: Send Them All to Hell