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Interview: Omniversum

Interview with Tomas Ahlroos, vocalist of the Finnish metal band, Omniversum.


Thank you Tomas for this interview. Please introduce Omniversum and when did the band was born?
My pleasure Carla and thank you for doing this interview with me. Omniversum is a Kuopio, Finland based 5 piece modern metal/rock act. During our 6 years ofexistence we’ve developed a lot. We started of kind of proggy but how now drifted towards a style where the sound and music is more important than the genre.

You came out with a new single this year, entitled ”Waiting For My Time”. Is this a song taken from the future album?
This is a tricky question at this point as we have not really figured out the details of the future releases yet. But I can tell you that at the moment the idea is to release a series of singles (that might end up being and album at some point). For now it’s the path we’ve chosen as it makes no sense releasing an album for us right now. We’re trying to think out of the box and see what we can come up with. We hope to release the follower to ’’Waiting For My Time’’ as soon as possible.

Have you decided to shoot a video for the new single aswell?
Actually we have plans for multiple videos. But we haven’t yet come to any decision on when this will happen. All in good time.. we will inform you when the time is due.

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Music Review: Omniversum CD: Demigods



Label: Independent

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I always like to try to give local bands a boost if possible and so today I am writing a review of Kuopio, Finland’s Omniversum.  The band just released ‘Demigods’ and I was approached by them and asked if I would mind giving it a listen and of course I do not.  So here we go!

Omniversum plays a style of music that I find somewhat hard to describe but they also have a style or styles that I know I have heard before.  I guess that is because they have mixtures of 90’s/neo techno, Euro heavy metal and just a bit of something else that give them a sound that almost makes you feel they come from another time period or place. Continue reading Music Review: Omniversum CD: Demigods

Concert Review: Xe-None/Fear of Domination/Omniversum Live at Henry’s Pub; Kuopio Finland

The King of Dance Metal!

I can’t say I know of many Dance/Metal bands out there.  Yes I have heard of the techno/industrial metal stuff like but never on that proudly proclaims their love of Dance music and their love of metal music like the band Xe-None from Russia.  I was asked by Nem Promotions here in Finland to come out to Hendry’s Pub in Kuopio to cover Xe-none and Fear of Domination for their short Finnish mini-tour.  Always willing to check out some new music and help bands what I can, I happily agreed, not knowing what I may be getting myself into.  So what did I find?  Did I feel some ‘good vibrations’ and did my hidden love of Ace of Base get re-kindled?  Well get out you 90’s Hit Dance Music collection and prepare to ‘Come and Get Your Love’! Continue reading Concert Review: Xe-None/Fear of Domination/Omniversum Live at Henry’s Pub; Kuopio Finland

PHOTOS: Omniversum Live