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Music Review: Testament Album: Brotherhood of the Snake



Available: October 28th, 2016

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Official Websites:



               Anyone who has been a metal fan for very long, know well the influence of Testament on the genesis of thrash metal coming out of San Francisco.  Through the years Testament have went through a few style changes such as in the 90’s when the band dabbled a bit in the death metal style vocals.  A few years ago the band released ‘Dark Roots of Earth’ this is when the band seemed to again transform itself again…into a true heavy metal juggernaut.  The band sounded fresh, heavy and relevant.  Continue reading Music Review: Testament Album: Brotherhood of the Snake

Video Interview: Thomas Youngblood of Kamelot; Helsinki, Finland 2015


I sit and talk with lead guitarist and founder of prog/power metal act Kamelot in Helsinki, Finland.  We discuss the bands upcoming album Haven due out in Early May.  Thomas and I discuss the evolution of the band from their early days, how singer Tommy Karevik approaches song writing as compared to previous singers and of course we discuss the ideas and songs for the new album HAVEN!

Watch below!

Dual Review: Korpiklaani CD: Noita


This is a dobule review for Korpiklaani’s new album Noita.  One reviewer loves the album while the other…not so much.  So read and see two contrasting opinions and hopefully you will be better informed!

First the good! Continue reading Dual Review: Korpiklaani CD: Noita

Music Review: Battle Beast CD: Unholy Savior

Battle Beast - Unholy Savior - Artwork

By: Scott Foster

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Available:  January 9, 2015

Official Websites




So, Battle Beast. Honestly, I’m not familiar with them. I mean, I follow what’s going on around Skullbanger, so I’ve seen pictures and what not, so the extent of my knowledge is “heavy metal band of there in Europe.” Well, they have a new album out and I was asked to do a review. I’m sure I won’t do them justice.

Battle Beast is the metal version of a Frank Frazetta painting on the side of a conversion van. No, that’s a good thing. Please, Battle Beast, put away the axe. What I mean is, they’re epic. Their sound is simply huge, and there’s just no flaw in it. I’ve had mixed feelings about keys in a metal band, but Battle Beasts does it well, adding a feeling of awe to their songs. Vocalist Noora Louhimo delivers, ranging from metal screams to the hypnotic vocals of Angel Cry closing out the album.

Yeah, this is a band I should have checked out earlier. Solid metal with absolutely brilliant execution.




Noora Louhimo – Vocals

Anton Kabanen – Guitar/Vocals

Pyry Vikki – Drums

Juuso Soinio – Guitar

Eero Sipilä – Bass/Vocals

Janne Björkroth

Music Review: Sonata Artica CD: Pariah’s Child


Available: NOW

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Official Websites:



I want to like Sonata Artica.  I really do, but for the life of me I just have never been able to fully grasp their music I guess.  There have been some songs like ‘Full Moon’ that I really enjoyed and I feel is good catchy song but for the most part their music has always seemed to be attempting to be epic but always falling flat.  So, we have ‘Pariah’s Child’ upon us and it seems that the band has went back to a power power/symphonic style than on their previous album forsaking the prog rock style a bit.  On one hand I think it has helped, on the other…I still am not completely sold on the band. Continue reading Music Review: Sonata Artica CD: Pariah’s Child