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Interview with Finnish band Nicumo

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by: Juuso Viljanen



I did a review of Finnish band Nicumo’s debut album few weeks back. But that wasn’t enough. So here’s a little interview with the guys. Enjoy!


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Music Review: Nicumo – The End Of Silence

by: Juuso Viljanen


Great music is always easy to spot. It makes you smile, gives you chills and/or goosebumps, makes you dance so that you don’t even notice it and many other ways. Nicumo’s debut album’s first track ‘Follow Me’ gave me the greatest chills of my life. And if this is what happens when listening to the very first track, what happens with the rest of the album?

Ok, chills weren’t that bad for the rest of the album, but it’s still excellent album. Nicumo has lots of atmospheric elements in their music, but strongest of them all is despair and sadness. At least that’s what it sounds like. Or what do you think about song titles such as ‘Devil’, ‘My Bullet’ and ‘Kills Me’?

Music could be described as a melodic, atmospheric mix of rock and metal. It’s not too brutal for those who aren’t into growl lyrics or blastbeats, and also not too soft for those who like it aggressive. I can hear influences of bands like Before The Dawn and Swallow The Sun on ‘The End Of Silence’. Although the music rocks and the musicians are talented, getting used to the growled vocals is a little bit difficult. I think there’s a little need for more training with the growling, but it’s not too bad. Clean vocals are the main thing anyway, so it’s nothing major to complain about.

Nicumo is another perfect example of young and promising Finnish metal bands to send out to conquer the world. Its atmospheric music is filled with the same despair that countless bands from this cold, dark land of neverending winters have made known to metal audiences all over the world. Founded in 2007 I’d say this band has many, many successful years ahead of them. It’s already sounding very good, and remember, this is only the beginning.

 GRADE: 4,5/5

Official Homepage:


Melodic Rock/Metal band Nicumo release their debut album, ‘The End of Silence’ today.

Melodic Rock/Metal band Nicumo release their debut album, ‘The End of Silence’ today.

The band Biography reads as follows:

Nicumo is a melodic rock/metal band from Ylivieska, Finland. The band was founded in 2007 by a couple of friends. Fairly soon the band began to make their own songs by putting the guitarists’ song ideas to good use. During the first couple of years the band went without a name and invested in practising and making songs.

The line-up of the band changed frequently until 2010, and as the line-up regularized, their musical style, too, reached its best form. In the same year, the band started to go by the name of Nicumo.

Nicumo has self-released two EPs: ”Close Our Eyes For Good” and ”Scars & Glassy Eyes”. Both of them have been received well both in reviews and among listeners. Along with the good feedback from their gigs, this has encouraged Nicumo to compose and practise new songs for their first album: “The End of Silence”. Album contains 10 melodic and immersive songs which will give powerful experience to listeners. Partner in the publication and distribution of the album is a record label Inverse Records.

You can listen to ‘The End of Silence’ can be listened to on Kaaoszine’s website at the following link:


Offical Website: