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TUSKA FESTIVAL 2016: Day 3 Report

Block Buster now open for movie rentals…oh wait…

So now we come to the final day of Tuska.  Luckily for my old ass the day isn’t filled with tons of bands and I can relax a bit more.

I LUV Hair in my face

The first band to open the day on the main stage is Kuopio, Finland’s hard rock act, Block Buster.  These guys have been making some noise here in Finland lately and starting to get some positive momentum going behind them.  In a country full of heavy metal it is good to hear some bands still out there playing some good old fashioned hard rock.  Today was a big day for the band as they got to play on the main stage at Tuska and they sounded great.  Playing songs like, ‘Bark of the Underdogs’, and ‘Ain’t on the Chain’ the band really delivered some great hard rock tunes to the fans for the day.  I have seen Block Buster several times and they always deliver a high energy show and they never disappoint in their performance.  Today was no different and I hope the fans that got to see the band for the first time were left impressed. Continue reading TUSKA FESTIVAL 2016: Day 3 Report

Music Review: Myrkur CD: Self-Titled


By: Praxilla

Label: Relapse Records

Available: September 16

Official Website: http://myrkur.bandcamp.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/myrkurmyrkur


            Hailing from the frostbitten climes of Scandinavia is the one-woman Black Metal project Myrkur, whose name comes from the Icelandic for darkness. Her self-titled debut EP is a marriage of light and darkness, somewhere between old school Bergtatt-era Ulver and Madra-era Miranda Sex Garden. A thin gossamer of pristine acapella provides the backdrop to raw, unadulterated Black Metal.  Continue reading Music Review: Myrkur CD: Self-Titled