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Spawn of Annihilation released new single

Mexican Technical Brutal Death Metal band Spawn of Annihilation released new single “Absortion for the creation” from the new album “Insurrection” that will be released in summer 2016.


Spawn of Annihilation was founded in 2009 in Lagos de Moreno, Mexico by three friends – Alf Marquez (guitar), Javier Aguirre (drums) and Rafael Espindola (vocals) . The band released their debut EP “Inquisitor of Lies” in 2013.


Andy Solveström (Ex-Amaranthe) working on new solo project


Ex-Amaranthe growler Andy Solveström has been busy with since leaving Amaranthe with various projects.  His newest venture is the band Reaching Fall who have just released a video for a new song All This Time which can be viewed below.  To find out more about Reaching Fall visit their Facebook Page HERE

Audio Interview with Eric Braverman of Heavy Metal Television

I speak with Eric Braverman who is head of the new 24/7 Heavy Metal video music station HEAVY METAL TELEVISION. We talk about what prompted him to start the video station, his challenges and all other manners of hilarity. Also Fuck MTV, now we have a station that show 24/7 heavy metal videos! Check it out athttp://www.heavymetaltelevision.com/


FREE Heavy Metal Television Hits 100,000 Plus Views In Three Months GO WATCH!

First came the antenna television, then cable television, followed by satellite television, and now Heavy Metal Television has successfully launched the first network television station, via the Internet. In a mere 90 days over 125,000 IP addresses (unique visitors) have viewed the station, and the numbers continue to grow by the minute. To date there has been no major marketing or mainstream media dollars supporting Heavy Metal Television, just simple word of mouth throughout the world. Consumers can easily tune in through a web address that is not a website, as there is no navigation. There is no log in, or password required. Nor will you be bothered by annoying pop-ups or Facebook buttons Continue reading FREE Heavy Metal Television Hits 100,000 Plus Views In Three Months GO WATCH!