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Music Review: Dead Soul Communion Album: MMXVII


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Label: Self Released/ Def2Music Records

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Ok I am bit late with this one.  I apologize to Dead Soul Communion for this review taking as long as it had but…well….here is the review now!

It is a bit rare to hear a band that mixes doom elements, some modern, albeit minor elements of modern emo bands and also have a very nice clean production.  Rarer still is for such a mixture to all actually come together in a nice accessible package.  However after listening to Dead Soul Communion’s ‘MXVII’ the band really has put together a nice musical offering that should engage and purist metal head while also maybe bringing in a more ‘modern’ audience.  The best I can describe the band is that they have traditional doom elements, perhaps like my co=worker thought Paradise Lost and some goth sounds like The 69 Eyes.

The band hosts ex members from several other bands such as 13 Candles, Pain Control, Organ Grinder and several others. To be honest, I have no idea about those other bands or what they sound like.  But if those bands are similar to Dead Soul Communion they might be something worth checking out as I feel Dead Soul Communion really put out a really solid album that is real joy to listen to.

Another thing I have to really give credit to the band on is that for an independent band their production on this album is really something to be envied.  I have heard more professional acts have shittier sound.  So my hats off to the producer and band.

If you have a chance to listen to ‘MMXVII’ or check out Dead Soul Communion live I really think you need to jump on that boat and give these guys a chance.  Great stuff to be heard here.

Music Review: Majesty of Revival CD: Duality


By: Scott Foster

Label: More Hate Productions

Available: June 25th, 2016

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Well, it’s certainly been a while since my last review. Just as I’m thinking the business of life has me hanging up my keyboard…or whatever, a review request comes across my desk that piques my interest. This time we have Ukrainian band Majesty of Revival with their latest release, Duality. The press release promises influences ranging from gothic, to symphonic metal, to folk. Now, if you’ve read more than one of my reviews (and you most likely have NOT) then you know that symphonic and folk are going to especially get my attention. Continue reading Music Review: Majesty of Revival CD: Duality

Music Review Inglorious CD: Inglorious

By: Callum (CJ) Lavender
Label: Frontiers Music
Available: 19th February 2016
Official Website: http://www.inglorious.com
Very pleased to be given an album from Frontiers, as they have a good track record in my opinion. Their one of the labels that like to treasure classic rock all through out Europe. And this album is a debut album by a band many will only be hearing for the first time.
So the quick run down is that it’s nothing new. It’s the same classic rock we’ve all heard 100 times before. Most songs pretty much sound the same. For these reasons this record sounds basic. Not basic in a sense that it’s simple music playing but basic because in how all the songs are set up. Maybe that’s what the fans of this side are going to want when they discover this, and maybe those are the type of fans that this is aimed for. I have a strong feeling that this was defiantly how the band wanted it to be and how they like to perform. The music is great, the lyrics are well written and all the guys are on top form. I especially enjoy the story themed lyrics that remind us of songs and themes by the likes of Rainbow and Dio (only a bit stripped down). It’s also a very good record to be played as back ground music at a rock bar.
It was a bit difficult to really pick things to talk about because of how  basic it is. But I do think that this album is worth a listen to at least once and for a debut piece it’s a very good starting point. I really do hope it only goes up for the guys from here.

Music Review: Baphomet’s Blood CD: In Satan We Trust

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I have to admit, I have a soft spot for bands that embrace the Satanic imagery and lyrical themes.  Yeah, a lot of them can be bad and a lot of them are not good.  Then again there are a lot of metal bands in general that are not good.  The thing about the metal bands that latch onto the occult themes and add in some traditional style metal playing, if they get that right they can come out with some pretty interesting stuff.  This is the case with Baphomet’s Blood and their new album ‘In Satan We Trust’.  Good old fashioned in your face speed/thrash metal with all kinds of with some retro occultism thrown in makes for a rough and tumble metal assault! Continue reading Music Review: Baphomet’s Blood CD: In Satan We Trust

Music Review: Witchhelm CD: Invocations


Available: NOW

Label: Wyrmwood Records

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When I saw that a band called Witchhelm had a promo available for review in my inbox I thought, ‘That is a cool name.  Let’s check it out.’  Looking a little bit deeper I noticed the band is from Ohio and plays some form of occult type doom metal stuff.  Again, I was interested as I like how the bands in the States interpret the horror and doom stuff so I checked it out. Continue reading Music Review: Witchhelm CD: Invocations