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INTERVIEW: David DeFeis of Virgin Steele

BY: TJ Fowler

Virgin Steele Official Facebook:



Skullbanger Media: First I want to say thank you David for the opportunity to allow me to ask some questions about Virgin Steele and yourself for my site Skullbanger Media. I want to first say I am a newcomer as a fan.  Years ago I heard your song Wings of Vengeance but never looked deeper until just recently.  After doing so I was really impressed with not only your songwriting and vocal range but the sincerity you put forth in your songs and performances.  It was really refreshing to see someone be as passionate as you are in doing something that I can tell you truly love.  Could you maybe go into a bit of your history with music, what inspires you and when you realized this was your passion? Continue reading INTERVIEW: David DeFeis of Virgin Steele

Audio: Running Wild Interview; Rolf Kasparek 2016

I talk with Rock n Rolf of German Pirate Metal band Running wild about his latest album ‘Rapid Foray’. We discuss about getting inspiration from Native American History and Rolf’s keen interest in history itself. We also discuss a very important aspect of Running Wild hitting the festival circuit in the next year with several shows hopefully planned.


VIDEO INTERVIEW: BLOCK BUSTER; Henry’s Pub; Kuopio, Finland

Hard rockers Block Buster sit and talk to me at Henry’s Pub in Kuopio, Finland briefly about their upcoming album and some exciting tour news. Follow the links under the video to find Block Buster on Facebook and watch their music videos!

Official Block Buster Facebook PAGE

Caught in the Crossfire VIDEO

To Hell and Back VIDEO

Ain’t On the Chain VIDEO