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Rarely is there a film outside the bombastic Hollywood Action /IMAX experience I feel a need to see in the cinema.  After having seen the trailer some months ago, I was almost surprised to see “A Cure For Wellness” was getting a showing in the big Cinema here in Kuopio, as I was under the assumption that it may be too experimental for their regular programming. For many films I have interest in viewing, I do my best to avoid reviews, spoilers and sometimes even the trailer.  My self imposed rule also applies to bands I am planning to see of which I have never previously heard of.  The element of surprise conjoined with a fresh mind clear of any bias always makes for a lasting impression – whether positive or negative.  This last Thursday I met up with the owner of Skullbanger Magazine to accompany him in the 2 hour and 30 minute evening screening after having spent a long day in town amidst heavy snowfall.  Continue reading A CURE FOR WELLNESS REVIEW by Rachael Kozak

Short Film review: Chateau Sauvignon: terroir

BY: TJ Fowler


It isn’t very often I get to review shorts unless they are part of an anthology of some sort but I was contacted by director David Maire and asked if I would give his short, Chateau Sauvignon: terroir a view and I thought why not, it will be a quick watch and maybe I will find something interesting. I was actually a bit surprised in what I saw actually.  I was expecting perhaps a low budget affair with so-so acting but what I got was a well performed and produced thirteen minute little horror show about a winery that likes to add a little extra flavor to their house wine. Continue reading Short Film review: Chateau Sauvignon: terroir

Movie Review: Bone Tomahawk




I had first heard about Bone Tomahawk WAY back when Timothy Olyphant was attached to the project and have made it a point to stay up to date on the project as it went through various obstacles to finally see the light of day.  I am now happy to say that I have finally got to see the movie and that the wait for it was well worth it.  The fact the movie stars Kurt Russell was enough for me to get excited to begin with, add in the bizarre story and great ensemble cast to support him and we have an instant classic on our hands. Continue reading Movie Review: Bone Tomahawk

Movie Review: DEATHGASM



BY: TJ Fowler

                ‘DETHGASM!  Because lower case is for Pussies!’ And that is the kind of the main ideology for the movie DEATHGASM. It’s go big or go home.  At its heart, DEATHGASM is a horror movie for metal fans by metal fans that embrace both the good…and admittedly bad aspects of the metal genre.  But for all the clichés that DEATHGASM embraces about heavy metal they do so in such a way that you can’t help but love this film both for its love of metal and its love of horror. Continue reading Movie Review: DEATHGASM

Movie Comparisons: Friday the 13th Parts 1-4 vs. Friday the 13th (2009)


What Platinum Dunes Did Right and What Horror Fans Got Wrong


friday poster

I suppose talking about how fans were disappointed with Friday the 13th reboot at this point and juncture is a moot point in some regard but I am actually here to write about the re-boot and how it compares to the first four original films and how I feel some of the criticism pointed at this film from horror fans I think were somewhat unfair and frankly wrong.  And this is coming from someone who also had some criticisms for this film when it released, so I am lumping myself in here potentially as well.  Also with news of a Friday the 13th TV series in the works and how Jason is supposed to be more grounded in terms of realism, I felt it was a good time to perhaps write up some thoughts on these films. Continue reading Movie Comparisons: Friday the 13th Parts 1-4 vs. Friday the 13th (2009)