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Well after being severely disappointed with the first V/H/S and how it totally squandered it’s super great idea I was a bit mixed on watching the sequel.  I still held hopes that the people behind the project could learn from the mistakes of the first and still build on the cool idea of strange occurrences that somehow has been recorded on lost VHS tapes that the public at large have not been exposed to.  Mostly to my satisfaction V/H/S comes through in clearing up the problems the first one had, though the magic of capturing the spirit of the unique idea the first one had kind of has been blown already.  So how did V/H/S  2 do overall?  Well don’t be kind and rewind this bitch because you may not be alive to do so!  Read on! Continue reading MOVIE REVIEW: V/H/S 2

Movie Review: The Lords of Salem

I got the pleasure of viewing Rob Zombie’s ‘The Lords of Salem’ earlier than my U.S. counterparts and was really looking forward to see what the newest offering from Zombie had to give me.  I know Zombie has a lot of people out there that really does not like his work and detest his remakes of the Halloween franchise.  For me personally, I have liked his stuff on the whole, though I can’t say I am a ‘No questions asked.” loyalist to his work as I know many are.  I have even liked his first remake of Halloween and thought H2 was flawed but not in the way that many others seem to think.  I think Zombie has always had a unique take on things, a cool visual style to his work and he is very knowledgeable about the horror film genre from the 70’s and earlier.

So when I had heard about the ‘The Lords of Salem’ I felt it would suit Zombie very well and fit right into the style he is known for since many of the horror movies from the 70’s time period dealt with Satan worship and occult themes.  So how did the movie sit with me after my viewing?  Well I have to admit, not very well.  Let’s stir this cauldron up and mix us some witch’s brew.  You are going to need a strong drink for this one. Continue reading Movie Review: The Lords of Salem

Movie Review: Hollow

Movie Review: Hollow

By: Tj Fowler


                Brief Synopsis: Four idiots set out to a dead priest’s home in the English country side.   They find a tree, a legend about suicides and the loss of any common sense they may have had…because the ‘evil’ made them do it.  Yeah Right.  Read on.

‘Hollow’ is a found footage movie that clearly is here to stay for a long time in the horror genre of films.  They’re cheap to make and if lucky can rake in a huge return.  The downside of course is it seems that many of the found footage type films fall flat on their face in terms of execution and providing a good story or scares.  Unfortunately, for ‘Hollow’ it falls into the ‘Falls on its face’ due to not executing what could have been a good story.

We begin with four characters, Emma, Scott, Lynne and James who are travelling to Emma’s dead grandfather’s house out in the countryside of England.  As the movie unfolds we find that Emma knows of something bad about a tree that has a dark history behind it and more of this story comes out as the movie goes on.  We never really see for sometime anything or behavior that one would call supernatural or attributed to some evil spirit.  Rather we see the actions and events by people that just seem to be mostly assholes or cock teases.

Part of the legend about the tree in ‘Hollow’ is that a evil spirit of a monk from the Middle Ages brings out the worse in people and that is why there have been so many suicides at the tree for so many centuries.  ‘Hollow’ attempts to make the viewer wonder if what is going on is due to the spirit bringing out the dark sides of each character or if they are doing it themselves.  This is also where ‘Hollow’ fails the most and what should have been the one thing it got right.

What we see are characters acting like assholes, bitches or mentally unstable to begin with so we are left thinking that’s how they already are and not some force really making them do the actions.  The character that seems mentally fragile was already having issues without an evil spirit needing to push him, the circumstances during the movie doesn’t do them any favors either.

I think if ‘Hollow’ had developed the characters a bit better we could have had a better movie here because we don’t really see much of a gradual slide into bad actions by the characters, they kid of just suddenly do bad actions.  Or rather they kind of start out doing bad actions to begin with so when we see the culmination of certain behaviors from the characters we just think it’s because they are dicks anyway.

As the movie goes on we also see some of the stupidest reasoning by people I have ever seen, again I think this is supposed to be attributed to the evil spirit making the characters behave in such a way and again I will state the movie failed in conveying this.  One character even mentioned to Emma if she knew the place had such a dark history why did she suggest to everyone to come to it, to which she replies, “She thought it would help James.”  So already she was a dumbass before she ever arrived at such a place.

‘Hollow’ had the ingredients to be a spooky tale set in the English countryside but it seemed that something got lost from script to film and the film suffered heavily for it.

RATING: 1.0/5

Movie Review: The Awakening

Movie Review: The Awakening

Director: Nick Murphy

By: TJ Fowler

I recently saw some blurbs around the internet for the British movie called The Awakening and after reading its description I thought it sounded interesting and so I decided I would give it a view and see what was being woke up.

So what did I find with The Awakening?  I found what seemed like a ghost story, wrapped in a psychological analysis story of the main character ,which was also wrapped in a multi-layered story that seemed at times would sink the movie with its effort to be too intellectual.  Amazingly, the film is not sunk by all the twists and turns that it presents to the viewer and I even found that one story angle the movie presented later in the film was really interesting and didn’t see it coming in any form. Continue reading Movie Review: The Awakening

Movie Review: The Possession

Movie Review: The Possession

By: TJ Fowler

Movies based off “real events” or actual things sometimes can be sketchy in terms of how truthful the story you see on screen is, i.e. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  The Possession is a movie which is not based on an actual story as it’s more based on the legend of a dybbuk box, an old Jewish Wine box which has a demon imprisoned within.  I’m a paranormal buff so I am familiar with the item the movie is based off of and there is such an item that is floating around out there with stories attached to really make you wonder about such an item.  So how does The Possession translate this urban legend to the big screen?  Do we get some Old Testament vengeance delivered or do we get a big empty wooden box with the Yiddish word, “Schmendrick” engraved on it?  Read on! Continue reading Movie Review: The Possession