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Music Review: Crimson Blue CD: Innocence


Available: NOW

Label: Destroy the Humanity

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I don’t even know what I just listened to.  All I know I had flashbacks to the 90’s music scene while I was in college to bands like 4 Non Blondes or Veruca Salt and when that happened my brain just shut down for my own protection.  Crimson Blue claims to be Nu Art Metal and well…Art might be stretching it a bit.  Let me see what I can recall from my listening experience and hope I don’t lose my sanity in the process.  Pinch your nose closed because this is going stink… Continue reading Music Review: Crimson Blue CD: Innocence

Xe-None Video Interview in Kuopio, Finland 2013

Intro/Outro song: Heavier Than Metal by Skullfist used with permission.

I talk to the Russian Dance/Metal band Xe-None before their show at Henry’s Pub. I talk to them about the mixing of Dance and metal music, their tour of Finland for the first time, where Lexy got his killer dance moves and get in a fight over Nirvana.

Music Review: Fade-Out CD: Welcome to My Hell

Fade-Out - Welcome to My Hell - 2013

Label: GlobMetal

Available: Now


I never was a fan of Nu-metal.  I always felt the genre was filled with prentious assholes whp thought they were legitimate musicians when in fact they were not any better than the a 8th grade talent show band just a lot less mature and intelligent.  Now I have before me a Nu-metal band out of Russia called Fade Out with their offering, ‘Welcome to My Hell’.  So unsurprisingly when I saw it was a Nu-Metal band I was not overjoyed to have to listen to the album.  However sometime I find myself being surprised in a good way by band that I think I would normally hate.  So is this one of those occasions or was this an introduction to Nu-metal hell for me? Continue reading Music Review: Fade-Out CD: Welcome to My Hell

Music Review: Pincher CD: Killing Machines

Music Review: Pincher

CD: Killing Machines

Label: Independent

Available: NOW

by: TJ Fowler






My inbox occasionally gets requests to review bands that I have no idea where they are coming from with their musical direction or ideas.  One such band I recently had the ?pleasure? to receive a message from is the all female Russian Punk band, Pincher.  After looking at the tracklisting and listening to the songs I’m left with a completely ‘What the Fuck did I listen to???’ It’s obvious the band has a unique take on things…read on if you want your mind BLOWN! Continue reading Music Review: Pincher CD: Killing Machines

FIREWIND’s Gus G. Confirms Clinics In Russia, Estonia, Ukraine

FIREWIND guitarist/founder Gus G. (also OZZY OSBOURNE has announced a string of clinics in Russia, Estonia and the Ukraine in May.

Dates include:

17 – NAMM – MusikMesse, Expocenter Krasnaya Presnya – Moscow, Russia
18 – NAMM – MusikMesse, Expocenter Krasnaya Presnya – Moscow, Russia
19 – Music Market Store – Tallinn, Estonia
21 – Jam.ua Store – Kiev, Ukraine